Friday, August 20, 2010

Look at my new Dirty Car Windshield App and more

This morning as I was leaving for the dang-desk-in-town, a beautiful butterfly flitting in the mesquite tree there caught my eye. I stopped to watch and then I was struck by the beauty of the whole scene. And so I pulled out my camera and shot this right through the dirty windshield.

And then, I just sat there thinking about how it felt like I was literally going the wrong direction down this path. I tried to reconcile this feeling and knew that the butterfly gift of opening my eyes to the whole scene would carry me through the day when I will return to my path.

She is from this morning just before going down that path.

I'm still working on the girls in the towers. They are all on one 8 x 10 canvas and I will show the whole when done. Probably this weekend.
I'm oh so happy about the weekend!
I bet you are too.
♥ Sharon


  1. That looks like a pretty clean windshield to me. I love the scene.
    We don't spend enough time on those dusty roads.

  2. Yup, I actually carry some window cleaner in the car because I'll see something, can't get out of the car, NEED THAT PICTURE and I have to get the doggy nose prints off the window first. :)Bea

  3. For me, I'd be taking the pic through 5 cats' worth of paw prints! They love going up there to watch over their kingdom...but never at the same time! Have a very art filled happy weekend Sharon.

  4. Lovely view, and I think your windshield is pretty darn clean too! I can identify with that feeling as I am sure most of us can. Have a wonderful weekend making art Sharon.

  5. I hope the summer temps have settled a bit for you now. Oh and, one splat does not a dirt windscreen make ;-) Looks 'not too bad' to me!


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