Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I only liked the birds

I thought this had possibilities when I first sketched it. 
But then I started painting and began to get a bad vibe.
The problem is, it was time for work and I had to walk away from it at the bad vibe stage. 

Here is what I know.  
Here is what I have learned several times. 

Walking away at the bad stage is a huge mistake.
 It is hard to start again without the excitement of fresh inspiration churning inside of you.
Starting again but with a bad vibe is like taking bad medicine.  
First you have to talk yourself into taking it. 
But that doesn't make it taste any better. 
Sure enough, I had to quit again still holding onto the bad feeling about the painting. 
For the record, I didn't like the colors and I didn't like her face. 

 During another short session yesterday, I changed some of the colors.
This morning, I tried to be happy by tweaking her features.

Then I thought, who is the boss of this painting?
It's me.
 I picked up a big brush and scrubbed Gesso over the parts I didn't like.
I only liked the birds. 
Then, I added collage papers and more paint.
And some more paint. 

I had to walk away from it again.
This time, with good vibes.
I like the colors.



  1. Well, I have to agree; when I saw 'her' face, it reminded me of the wicked godmother/queen in Snow White! I'm arcing back years here to my childhood and Walt Disney!. I do so agree that leaving something with bad vibes is not good for one's soul; I tend to keep my failures so that I can look back and say to myself, "ah, once I was afraid to alter what I don't like'. I loved your blues and greens - shades I would die for.

  2. yes, i like the colors too....good for you to be able to just paint and collage right over this painting... ;-)

  3. What a wonderful lesson for anything creative but also for life. It's like being told not to go to bed angry.

  4. Good gut instinct Sharon! I felt turned off by the first face too. The attitude, the colors, the angles everything was putting me in a bad mood. But by the end you left me with a positive feeling! Way to turn the situation around. And I like the birds too!!

  5. Yes, I do know about that bad vibe and you are so right about walking away on a bad vibe. It's very hard to recover when you get back to it.
    I do like these colors better but the other ones were pretty cool too! I actually liked her and I think you did a great job on her profile. All my profile faces are---well, ---demonic looking. Yikes!

  6. Love this new, warmer, color scheme.
    I've learned at your class it's Ok to paint over the previous layers and I'm thankfull for this.
    Waiting for finished painting.

  7. Such a statement to oneself, and I think I forget sometimes who is in charge of the painting, I have a friend who does say in times of frustration, "Who is driving My Bus"?

    Almost every painting I do has a point of bad feelings, it has to be near the beginning tho or it does go down the tube, ocassionally not, except for right now I can tell that pain medication it altering me a bit, things seems extra difficult, decisions are hard, and I make poor ones sometimes in my backgrounds.

    I also like your birds see that they have strokes that seem like real birds, I find that thrilling.
    How can one not be able to paint a bird???? I don't know.

    Well my ride will be here in a bit as I go for therapy, I am doing quite well and getting stronger on the broken leg.

    So now I will wait to see what develops on this new background.

  8. I just know this painting will work out beautifully for you - your faces are always delightful!

    I have to tell you, though, that I was quite drawn to the original, and more interested with each phase in progession.

    She, and the colors, were different (more startling) than your style, but I believe she, they, were intriguing. I wanted to know her story, and my imagination was taking me away.

    Still, I cannot wait to see how this change develops!!!

  9. I like that sometime you too have creative opportunities.


  10. Process process process...this is the magic of making ART! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. It is good to know when to cut your losses so to speak. Isn't gesso great? A little painting first aide kit in a bottle.


  12. Oh, I like that you shared your fustration, and that yes--it's okay to cover up your work--we're allowed to do that. For some reason, I'll think that I can't, but you're right--you did it and you can take it back.
    I actually liked her--kind of the sinister circus clown (clowns are scary anyway :)

  13. Well you know I have been there! What about those decorative napkins! You sure got me using them when I can't think of nothing else to do with a painting!

  14. so true sharon, have been there!!! loved reading your take on it xx


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