Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas thoughts

I think I'm in a mood to ramble out loud as it is, with my thoughts.  This year Christmas is different.  I made a conscious effort to have a good attitude, even though my friend here in town didn't think my attitude was so good.  We had a good laugh about that.

First of all, my children and grand children are of the age that they would just as soon have a gift of money, rather than a gift of my choosing.  For several years now, that has been just fine with me.  Some of those years, I didn't even put out the stockings and the last time I put up a Christmas tree was 2007

Not having the stockings hung didn't go over so well the first time.  The second time, they didn't grumble so much but were resolved.  My reasoning was simple.  As sad as it seems, no one would see the tree as we live in the country and even when the tree is up, it can't be seen from the road.  Seldom do we have company and even though that is my own fault, it is a fact.  It seems such a huge job to pull out everything and get it all set for just one day.

The last two years,  it seemed like Christmas came and went signaling the end of the year and I wasn't ready for the year to be over. I felt like I needed another month before starting a new year.  It just seemed like things weren't finished.  Things I meant to get around to but didn't.  A whole lot of good intentions went by the wayside leaving me feeling empty and frustrated.

This year, I decided I had to do things a little different.  The first thing I figured out was that I needed to buy gifts for my children and grandchildren.  Oh sure, they will get some money also, but for me, I needed to give a wrapped gift of my choosing.  And so I went shopping.  Presents for everybody and stocking stuff too.

The next thing I did was take time to bake and share sweets with my friends. 

On Christmas eve, I had to go to the hardware store for a plumbing need and right at the door was a huge stack of boxed small Christmas trees...with the lights already on them.  On sale.  I loaded one in my car and share here the little table-top tree all ready for our Christmas, January 2nd. 

Yes, that is what I said. It's not here yet.  We only have two children but Christmas weekend didn't work out for them.  I really wanted to be upset about this.  For me, Christmas is Christmas.  I think I got that from my Mother.  Thank goodness, my sweet daughter set me straight in the most gentle way and I realized, it's not about ME.  So on Christmas day, I finished decorating the little tree while making a wonderful dinner.  Sweet daughter and grand daughter joined us during her break from work. I still need to get the stockings out and fill them.  I have some wrapping to do yet too.  Nothing like waiting to the last minute.   Feels so right.

One last thing, I even made some Greeting cards and am still getting them sent out.

The oddest thing about all of this it that I feel like I'm ready for the year to end and a new year to start.  I hope my kiddos like their presents because I know that is what made a Merrier Christmas for me.  

And now, what about my Gift to YOU? 

Palimpa Lim and Simply blue  and Pamela Jane are the winners of my gifts to YOU.

But wait,  there's more.  I have gifts for everybody who whispered to me in either of the last two posts.  Here is what you do: 
♦Send me an email to:       sktomlinson at gmail dot com
♦Give me your snail mail address
♦Tell me if you like napkins
♦If you would like any of my collage sheets (look at my etsy shop) sent to you by email, just tell me so and if you have a preference, tell me that too.

I'll be watching for your emails.
♥ Sharon

ps....I wanted to tell you that all the little birds that decorate my tree this year were my Mother's.  We laid her to rest on Christmas Eve 1991.  I found all these little birds scattered among her unfinished craft projects.


  1. I love the wee birds that were your Mums. How lovely to be able to put them on the tree.
    We have some ancient and rather tatty snowmen candles that Mum bought decades ago - I can't bear to get rid of them despite their condition...
    Enjoy your "late but feeling ready for it" Christmas.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Christmas thoughts......it is so easy to get "caught up" in all the hype it's refreshing to hear that not everyone is happy with that....good for you to stay true to how you feel.

  3. Love your artistic talent....and your interesting, humorous blog. It is SO refreshing of you to admit that you don't always have a "Martha Stewart" perfect Christmas....just like the rest of us, "real" life happens!! It always brightens my day when I see your blog entries.

    Thanks for the offer of napkins, but I have more than I'll ever use in this lifetime! Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! Sharon P.

  4. Blurry from excess of wine (!), I have stumbled through your post, and all so resonates with me and my own thoughts; all that I plan - all that goes well and all that doesn't and might leave me crying, if it weren't for my stoicism. In the end, unbelievably, we had a wonderful Christmas (on the basis I never know when it might be my last). One grand-daughter sat at the table shredding napkins because she wanted to 'make something' as I do. I can't email you from my laptop, but i you'd like some English designs (though they are actually German) I'll happily send you some from my ever-growing stash. All the best for 2011.

  5. This post touched me deeply, I have all the feelings that you mentioned, I have always bought gifts, and realized that sometimes they were not so appreciated as I thought they should be. I hadn't purchased any this year and it was the week before Thanksgiving, I was in no real mood for Christmas,
    Then I fell, broke my leg, was gone from home over two weeks, in a dazed state of pain meds and limits. Then home, Christmas near, and suddenly I was rather angry that I couldn't get out the decorations, couldn't buy things that were pretty, fun, and give as gifts. Felt cheated very much so.
    So what you just described is really the best, the nicest, the most satisfaction, the feeling that makes the Christmas real, because to miss it in that tradition of our youth feels worse than getting busy and doing it. So now everytime I visit a blog and see beautiful things like your birds, lights, trims, and read your words, I feel that lump in my throat, that sting in my eyes as they blur.

    It is amazing how we keep learning about ourselves, it is also amazing the things that happen that force us to see. Not everything I have seen in the past 5 weeks about me has pleased me.

  6. What a lovely Christams story...and I think your little birds of your mothers are very special. What a special treat to have for trimming the tree, a sweet rememberence, a presence at Christmas time.
    It all sounds wonderful, I wish I was coming along on Jan. 2
    Things are not always perfect and situations not perfect...but we make the most of it! Sounds exactly like what you are doing.

    Enjoy the festivities on Jan 2 and it will be nice to welcome the New Year.

    Jacky xox

  7. It sounds as though you had a lovely Christmas... my father also died in 1991.

    You are lovely to share your treasures with you blog friends, you have made me smile even though I was not one who left a comment.

    Wishing you a lovely 2011~

  8. Thank you for sharing your Christmas thoughts. The pictures are lovely and it is great that you used the birds from your mom. Thank you so much for your generosity. I will be sure to send info soon.

  9. Sharon, it sounds like you found the perfect answer to your own Merry Christmas. I sincerely believe each of us has our own path to happiness just as we have our own style of art.

    And napkins? You betcha!


  10. I completely understand how you've felt. This year I put up a tree and decorated it...for the first time in 12 years. I even decorated other parts of the house. 12 years ago both of my parents were sick and my dad's health was seriously deteriorating. I had no energy to do anything. It didn't get better over the years and we spent most Christmases with my sister's family...so what was the point. I moved in August, after 22 years, things feel different now. I hope my son appreciated the decorations. I have some of Mom's glass ornaments...very special. I hope you have a wonderful new year.

  11. Sharon thank you for sharing this with us, I loved reading it.

    May you have a wonderful time celebrating with family when they come.

  12. How sweet to use the birds your Mom made. I also lost my Mom during the Christmas season, we put her to rest on the 18th. All the memories we cherish through the years and the ones in the future. Glad to you did the presents this year. I too buy small gifts to go with the money gifts. Like you the gifts are for my joy, the money can be theirs.
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  13. I'm glad you decided to put up a tree this year, it's beautiful! Love your moms sweet little birds too. :)

    Happiness to you in the New Year!


  14. Sharon, Well, to each his own, I always say...and you should have Christmas the way you choose to have it. Whatever makes you feel good. I always have difficulty with the holidays...but like you, decided this year to be 'different.' So, up went the tree, etc. Did make me feel good as it evidently did you. Good for us!! I always love seeing what you do...thanks for a lovely year...pat

  15. Oh, Sharon. Those precious little birdies. How wonderful that you have those. I hope someone is left loving my unfinished things when I'm gone. So special.

  16. Forgot to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR. I find myself waiting eagerly to find out what your word for 2011 will be. Are you still doing that? Hey, Merry Christmas, too. Loved your ramble!


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