Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday's Harvest

Sometimes, no all the time, while on my walking path, I get things-to-do in my head.
The list is long and sometimes I wonder if I will ever manage them all.
I tell you, it really doesn't matter if I do or don't.
I think it is a  game I play with myself. 
My brain never stops chatting to me.
Our little estate is covered with wild crow garlic.
Hence, I harvest a little ever year as needed for salads. 
But this year year I found this recipe and couldn't stop thinking about it  while walking around and around. 
When the beautiful little white flowers grow out of the cluster of bulbs that form at the top of a green shoot,  you know there is a tiny dime-size bulb underground.
The onion fragrance so powerful.
Sunday, I harvested.
All parts are edible and so I pickled all parts. 
Must wait 3 weeks to sample. 
Now, I'm off for my walk where I will be thinking about the next thing-to-do.
♥ Sharon 


  1. Such beautiful photos of the wild garlic!

  2. When I come here I go slow so I can enjoy it longer, I have never seen wild garlic, I didn't know what it was, however I did know by the first two photos I wanted to gather it close and smell because if you read the writing on the wall or between the lines that is what it says to do.
    I love the term reading between the lines, it means there are words there that can't be seen like in the mixed media paintings.

    What lovely things to have for salads and if not what pretty things to look at. I often bake a pie or bread and it isn't really about the eating so much as the seeing it on the counter.

    Well I must go weed the garden now as I would like it clean before the snowstorm later tonight, this about know it is clean under the snow, sort of like running the vac before the tornado.

  3. You are fortunate to live in the country and fortunate to work so close to home. Your site and your art are refreshing and inspiring and I'm saving money to take your faces class. The wild garlic is as pretty as a painting!

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful! I've never seen or tried wild garlic, but I'm sure it's very delicious. I'm going back to enlarge the pictures and stare some more.... xo

  5. How cool, then again, Sharon, everything you do is cool.. so i should not be surprised!
    Looks like you keep a great balance of life and art. Something that I fight with.. lol
    hugs, Darlene

  6. I love these photos of the process of your wild garlic harvesting!!!! So beautiful (I couldnt access the recipe though...)
    When I was in Switzerland we had beautiful potato rosti with a sauce (type of mayonnaise) made with wild garlic harvested from the hill behind the restaurant...yumbo!
    The heads of the garlic plant are beautiful. I would love to sketch them.

    Jacky xox

  7. I love the idea of eating things that are foraged from the wilds and the name "Crow Garlic" delights me. When your 3 weeks of waiting are over be sure to let us know how you used the garlic and what it tastes like.


  8. What gorgeous-ness. Beautiful light! I want to sample...

  9. Now we know the secret of how you stay so energized...
    Beautiful images. Reminds me of my grandma's garden. She had a similar looking onion that came up every year by her rhubarb patch.

  10. I live in Spain on the Costa Blanca, slightly inland surrounded by orange, almond & olive trees. But underneath these trees about this time of the year it is alive with wild garlic. The wild asparagus has just finished. Nothing is better than a tortilla made with both the above.But didn't think of pickling the garlic??????

  11. OH yummy, yummy! These look so yummy -- and your pictures are yummy, too. why do you have to wait three weeks? I can't wait three weeks! LOL. Good to be here with ya again. You are all light and loveliness.

  12. So pretty Sharon! Enjoy and Happy Easter to you!

  13. Yum!! I will give this a try...Hugs, mary

  14. This looks delicious. I am definitely going to have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. These are as beautiful as your painting Sharon =)


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