Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Characters in Dream Images

This is an old book. As a matter of fact, it is nearly as old as me. The publishing information says, "First Issued 1930, New Edition (Illustrated) 1946." 

I'm sure I have the 1946 edition as mine is illustrated with many amazing white on black illustrations by Nora Lavrin. 

I take inspiration from the illustrations and if I illustrate, I will continue with the white and black. 

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar

glimmer of
therefore feels
What's wrong
this attitude

art and
Dream Images
amazing results

Something that might be of interest is (I think) Nora Lavrin's illustrations are a method called "dry points"  which will of course explain why, I will not be able to actually make my illustrations like hers by just using my white gel pen on black. 

PS:  I'm watching for characters in my dream images. It's happened before.


  1. I have a particular fondness for black and white illustrations, line drawings, etc. I'm looking forward to seeing where the black and white takes you.


  2. Just like Robert Lewis Stevenson, your dream images will give you new creative direction! Eager to see what develops. Sweet Dreams!

  3. Just like Robert Lewis Stevenson, your dream images will give you new creative direction! Eager to see what develops. Sweet Dreams!

  4. I find dreams to be very inspirational...did I spell that right? Anyway, no telling what you might wake up too. Hugs, Mary

  5. Oooo....I wonder what they will say to you in your dream?! So neat!!

  6. hi this is Acey. Blogger will not let me comment except anonymously. I really like the way you left trails of white between the words you selected. This is a really nice way to avoid the boxy look I've been encountering in an altered book project. I want to spend more time here getting to know more about your work. And yes from the post before this one - I do get that feeling that wonderful things are falling into place and will make a wonderful story. It happens to me most when writing since that's the place where I have the most skill and experience. But it also happens in my visual journals and with some of my quilts. Quite thrilling sensation, isn't it!

  7. I truly love this concept of using words on the printed page to make your own transcending statements!
    Blacking out what you don't use.
    How exceptional is that! Wow! Bravo!
    I could imagine doing an entire book/journal in that style.
    How unique! I've been in a few doll ning sites since 2008, and I haven't kept up with what is going on in the art collage arena. So, I am trying to be a bit more open for anything of inspiration. And I recognize your name from a couple of years ago...so here I am!
    The world of art is such an open field going off in all directions.
    I have often wondered what it would be like to be a designer for costumes in movies. Anyway, please come visit my blog. My brother, Troy Howell is a professional children's book illustrator and I have his link on my sidebar. Art is so deeply rewarding in so many areas of creativity.
    I could go on and on. You are an amazing inspiration.
    Dreams freak me out, except the ones when I am flying!!!
    Teresa in California


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