Friday, February 24, 2012

What a great idea

The book is, The Bailiff Yerney And His Rights by Ivan Cankar

the idea
in art,
more dramatic
in its simplicity
intensify the

at least

I'm still finding the story in this book.  For now, I don't wish to illustrate it and when I think about how to illustrate, I feel like I am forcing it. It is strange. 

But don't you like this idea! "a theme is more dramatic in its simplicity". This seems to apply to my work in progress as the simple discovery of the birds truly made the story in the piece of art more dramatic. Actually, it became more dramatic to me in a personal way that I may not be able to share.

Being unhappy with her face, I worked both yesterday and today during my Morning Art, but alas, I'm not finished. I had to make matters worse before making them better. If this happens to you, my advise is to just keep going. I will surely be ready to show tomorrow. Going into a weekend with something on my a good thing. 

In the meantime, this little book is just full of words for me. 


  1. Wow! This is very unique and interesting. Though, I cannot afford in my heart to alter a book, I like what you have done. Very captivating.

  2. To find words that have such application to feelings. Midication for the soul, found in the best possible way. If we all wrote and published what we feel and what we think there would be many more best sellers.
    In your time of stuggle you are still an inspiration.
    It bothers me a little that people that mean a lot to me live in my computer.

  3. In other words called a prompt! I love how you did yours! You are so creative...I think brilliant!

  4. sharon, i love the phrase,"a theme is more dramatic in its simplicity". it rings so true with me. ty for sharing.


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