Friday, February 17, 2012

The Blue Sock Day Routine

Framed print of Garden Lemons donated to local group auction fundraiser.
Just the other day I was talking to my co-teacher Deryn about routine.  We agreed that while an online class is in full force it is hard to stick to your usual routine.  The discussion was just an effort for me to understand why-why-why.  To a fault, I'm always trying to understand stuff about myself.......and even you too sometimes. 

From this place, I realized that having two online classes in full force at the same time simply took over my morning art routine. I believe it is that simple. 

I like to think of myself as slightly impulsive. I am and I actually resist some routines.  However, this morning when my dear husband needed blue socks, I knew that impulsively skipping last weekends routine to do laundry was a mistake.  Because today and every Friday is blue sock day.  He sticks tight with this blue sock day routine. 



  1. I just returned home and the first thing I did (after I unpacked) was watch the DVD I ordered before I left. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I could watch you paint ALL DAY LONG...and listen to your voice.... because I just love your accent!

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!!!!

  2. We are all such creatures of habit arent we? I like the blue socks story.

    Take it easy Sharon, sounds like you are very busy with these online classes. When they are finished you will have some time for you and Norah again.

    Jacky xox

  3. I didn't know, Blue Sock Day!, I would of sent a card.

    Surely you can do a girl with a blue jay wearing blue socks.

    Anyway Friday is no day to have the blues.

  4. I forgot to tell you, I was going through a magazine looking for stuff, I saw all these faces and I am not kidding I felt a stirrig of brushes and it was not the same as usual, so I thought maybe it was your brushes stirring. LIke you I think about whqat people say and do a lot and I can over think it and should not, but I think of how it feels to not want to paint, and how sometimes handeling the painting things makes a difference or framing a piece like you showed in this post or I think about my favorite colors and having a new painting on the wall that will make things different. Then I think how thankful I am there is no punishment for not wanting to paint, no consequence that is unlawful or just wrong but it still feels like I am paralyzed.
    The thing is it is usually this time of year, I am painting but not really good, just painting.

    I hope no one says..who is this woman that goes on.

  5. Blue Socks - far too much of a routine. It seems as if your schedule is somewhat hectic at the moment. I just love all your work - the depth to your paintings, watching you paint is always a delight. Slow down perhaps but don't know then we might miss out -mmm - hope you have a restful weekend.

  6. Sharon, there are some routines that are better left in place, you do them without much thought but it sets your day. Your mornings seem very important to you, to get in that cup of coffee, to at least play with some paint or form of art; it makes you happy most of the time! So leave it in place; you can't seem to paint now? Then do the Found Words, they might help you find what it is bothering you. Just do backgrounds for later. Stick to the Blue Socks days, they keep your work week in place. I can see where too many classes going on, so many people and friends to think of, interviews to give, articles to write, dead-lines to meet, art to list, sell and ship and still find time for yourself can become way too overwhelming. I don't see how you can end a class now until the end, but is there a way to lengthen them so you can have more time off? Give your students a longer time to just learn each phase and step better? Maybe just put all the classes on CD from now on and let them go that way.
    You're so busy now taking care of everyone else, you're forgetting who you are and what you love; locking Norah's whispers right out.
    The classes are great but the Blog is wonderful and you can always give some details as what and how you do your art on here. At the end of the classes, let them go for a while. Sometimes being so popular and loved can hold you back. We want to see you be the Sharon we know and love; if it means cutting back and going back to more fun and easier times, then we do understand. Don't that over-whelming Devil take you away from yourself and us too!!

  7. Ah you need an emergency store of socks you can bring out at moments like this! :)

  8. Blue Sock Friday? Who knew? I'm pretty relaxed about routine but DH is a stickler. If he wore blue socks he'd have to do his own laundry, hahaha.


  9. My DH is pretty much like yours...but hey,,,my 6 more pairs of Blue Socks...they're like insurance...for a rainy day! dix---


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