Wednesday, October 31, 2012

About self paced study format and Denmark

The Postcard Challengers are working on Week 44.  
I just finished Week 31, Denmark. 
Which is the lesson for Week 17 in A Diary of Faces. The lesson is about painting hair.

A Diary of Faces Weeks 1 through 9 is available in a Self Paced Study format.
Notice I said "Self Paced".
That means,
I changed the format by adding comment walls and a gallery forum. 

It all came down to the fact that the classroom was just too quiet.
I really enjoy having a conversation with the students
and being able to see their art
and answering their questions
and seeing them interact with all the other students. 

So, if you like that too, I hope you will jump in. 
for your self paced study. 

PS.  I will be adding a classroom for weeks 10 through 18 soon too.


  1. I'm enjoying the class certainly, Sharon. But I hate myself for missing out on the original class with so much more content!

  2. Will lessons 10-18 be live if we missed the live first 9 lessons?

  3. Will weeks 10-18 be live and can you join in if you missed the 1st 9 weeks live. I would like to do the e-Course but would hate to miss this live option too...
    Love Jeanne-Marie


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