Thursday, October 11, 2012

Going back to Orvieto

After being missing in action, it is always hard to come back and know where to begin again. My Celebration Break took me to Orvieto. My celebration was about 50 years with a DH who didn't blink when I told him I wanted and needed to go back. My celebration was also about beginning and embracing the retirement path that I now find myself on. I could not imagine a better way to really start down this new path.

When I woke on the last Monday of August, my first thoughts were about going to Orvieto. I have known for 2 years that I could go back but on that Monday, I knew my reasoning for not going was flawed. It didn't matter that I was returning to the same place for the same thing with the same people. It only mattered that I was different. And that was the word that echoed from my heart and soul. Different. "This will be different for so many reasons." It was and I plan to share all of it. Slowly and surely. 
To start, I challenged myself to carry a tiny blank journal and Pit Artist Pen to document my journey by capturing moments that I shared with strangers as well as a few moments I shared with new and old friends. None knew that they were becoming a part of my memories. 

I wasn't trying to get a likeness and if I did or did not, no one will ever know. The challenge was to sketch fast my moving targets without being able to erase. 

I regret that on my return trip, I was simply too exhausted to continue the documentation. But I love this little journal and I see my self taking it out to find new memories with the strangers in my life. 

More later,


  1. love these sketches - they are so vibrant and full of movement - and how sweet that they too are part of your memories for italy.

  2. Love this post sharon, LOVE it ENTIREly!

  3. What a wonderful little travel journal to keep and treasure your memories in Sharon. They are amazing sketches capturing little moments of people's lives in your journey.

  4. What a sweet memory to have and hold when you need to.:)

  5. Felt like I was kinda there with you meeting new people. Great job and such a neat idea. Talk soon.

  6. Oh isn't it the most wonderful way to record a travel? Sketches of people.

  7. Looking forward to reliving the week through your stories. Missing you and our new friends. Happy Day my friend♥♥♥ I hope I can go back again in 2014!

  8. This is fabulous, Sharon! Love how you so freely sketch and capture the essence. I must learn to do this!


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