Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspiration in Orvieto

Our first full day in Oriveto included walking and walking and walking.

Bill and Kristi gave us the full town tour which left me with aching muscles and joints.

We were on a artful mission.

 To observe, sketch, collect visual imagery with camera and rubbings,  and to take inspiration back to the studio.
 For our first studio warm-up we carved a stamp using the found inspiration.  Our packet from Misty included this tiny journal and I used my stamp for the cover. I came home with the assignment to fill the pages of this tiny journal. 
I will.
Our packet also included a page from an art book that we were then  suppose to use as inspiration for a quick sketch. This was on one side of the page. Dear Misty, I had a fleeting thought about using it.  Fleeting! However, The Rucellai Madonna was on the other side and I chose it for the above. I carried a set of chalk pastels and used them for the first time. There was no time to finish as we were off for a wine and olive oil tasting at The Palace of Taste and then a group dinner at LaPalomba.
Dot, Misty, John and Kristi.

More later,


  1. Oh this looks like a great trip. I am so glad that you got to celebrate! I want to know more!
    xox- Kris-10

  2. so emjoying orvietto with you ..... might have to save some pennies and join you one year. jacky xox

  3. I am inspired just seeing and reading this post! Fabulous

  4. Looks like a wonderful time!


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