Wednesday, April 24, 2013


this is 1/2 of the mosaic
the diameter is approximately 51 inches
A Little Bit of the Story
In late of 2000, Alpha Kappa Sigma headed up a committee of area citizens and was the driving organization for a City of Marlin park improvement project.

Our mission was to build a safe playground and to create an environment where young and old could gather to build sound bodies and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Our most urgent need was money. We dreamed of building an incredible play structure with safety surface, adding tables, benches and trash receptacles to the park, and building a walking path with exercise stations.

We branded our committee All

I was co-chairperson for this project and on November 10, 2001, after planning and intense fundraising, 200 volunteers from our community came together for one day and built the dream play structure.
In the spring of 2002, we completed Phase Two which included  swings, tables, benches, and trash receptacles.

We are now in Phase Three with a build day of May 11th.
The exercise equipment was purchased in 2001; however, we were short on funds for the walking path. 
Once again, Alpha Kappa Sigma members will make it happen with a team of community volunteers.
We are installing the walking path, exercise stations, recognition signage, and a flag and hand garden. 

Surrounding the flag pole will be this mosaic, as well as, all of the hand imprints on concrete paving stones that we collected during our fund raising efforts. 

I'm afraid until I finish this mosaic, there will be no painting in my studio. 


  1. What a wonderful project you are involved in. Your mosaic piece will really add to this next stage in the development. artist who is civil minded as well. You amaze me!

  2. This is a wonderful project! And the mosaic looks great. I'm sure your community appreciates all your hard work.

  3. Oh such a lovely idea!
    What a lovely tribute to your community...

  4. FABULOUS! So enjoyed catching up on your blog this morning Sharon. You are absolutely amazing!!!

  5. yeah for you sharon! good to see you playing(and working very hard!) i have been so lost in life and silly, irritating health stuff for some time now, i came looking for light today and the second i arrived to your blog, i found light and a smile! tx sharon for still being here, i am sure you don't remember me with all the students you get over the years, i just wanted to be sure you know that i did not forget you! you bring light and art to all of us that are lucky enough to meet you thru this art journey, so i am back and while you are busy doing tile work i am gonna take the face painting workshop i always wanted to take! love and aloha to you and your family sharon! aloha, angi in hana

  6. What a fun project Sharon! Love your mosaic, it's beautiful & I am sure the children will love it too! :)


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