Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grinding Fingers

I'm getting started this early Sunday morning on the second half of the mosaic. While I wait for the house to wake up (mosaic making is not a quiet art), I thought I would share the whys and hows of my project.

The issue that I had was the fact that the park is a public space and there is no way I could create the mosaic on site because I would have to leave it unattended for days on in. 

So, with blind faith that this will work, I have devised a method to create here in my studio and then transport the mosaic to the park for installation and grouting. 

The sandwich layers as you see it here from bottom up are: 
  • heavy piece of cardboard  
  • design on white paper
  • covered with clear contact paper
  • topped off with a piece of aluminum window screen
As you can see, the sandwich is held together with tape and clips. Each little piece of tile is glued in place with Weldbond which holds most anything. 

When I get ready to slide this off and into place, the tile and screen will release from the contact paper and WaLa! (hoping with all my might)

OK, the house is awake now. I'm off to smash tile and grind little fingers. By the way, all the hands in the design are from a few of the children who will be playing at this park. 


  1. Lovely project!
    Looking forward to the progress;-)

  2. Good luck with your project...I hope it goes as planned.

  3. WORTH the wait of your wonderful paintings! this is such a great idea and just love that you are doing it on faith that it will work it WILL, i just know it WILL, just as you know it will! Love the colors of the project as well as the idea!

  4. Thanks for the nice and encouraging words Artlover, Janes and Wanda. It always gives me a spark to hear from you.....and today I really really need one.

  5. Hi Sharon....I went "wow" when I saw the tile work! I hope moving the project goes smoothly for you! It's a wonderful piece of art that will be around for a long time!


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