Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dear You

Morning Glory seeds germinate fast ;0)
 Hello Good Morning Hi How are you!

I woke up to rain this morning and as I always do, I think God is telling me it is OK to stay inside and write letters, paint a picture, sit in the chair zone and read, stitch or watch lifetime movies. Or maybe all of that.  The one must-do on my list is ironing DH's shirts. And I can't put it off until I've run out of energy. So soon as I get done with the letter writing, I will iron.

I started out the day with my usual online reading because of course it is still night time. Today I slept late. Got up at 5:15. I usually try to get out to the gardening by 7 but since it was raining, I read longer.  OMGoodness, I just went outside! The rain has stopped and it is cool and not yet humid feeling and I want to be out there. Plans for the day might have changed. When I go out, I can't stay all that long but when I come in I'm usually a sweaty mess and all my energy is spent.  I take a shower and sit down and sometimes never get back up. Although, that frustrates me somewhat, I am blessed that I can now do that. So I'm just trying to be happy about it.

My current project out there starting yesterday is to redo the floor in the greenhouse. I didn't realize I would have such a problem of weeds coming up in there. I have some black weed blocking fabric that I want to put down and see if I can block them. I guess it was pretty stupid to think the weeds wouldn't come up in a greenhouse. Duh! It is the place that grows stuff. Well anyway, it is not an easy job and it is hotter than h☺☺! in there. I have to remove the pea gravel and square block pavers in order to put down the weed block.

Had to force myself out the door yesterday morning. But that's all it takes. My pores gulp the air in the shade and rejuvenate me until I have spent my energy and return in that sweaty mess. 

That sweaty mess is making me wish for a wash and wear haircut and in some kind of weakness will probably go for it even though I teased that when I retire, I will let my hair grow and wear it back in a granny bun. That's what granny did. It is almost that long but I hate the daily washing (due to gardening and the sweaty mess) and fiddling with it.

I watched a really good movie last night. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel I missed the first part and now I wished I had seen all of it. I recorded the part that I got to see because I was making supper. It was really good. It was about British retirees who move to India and end up in a dilapidated hotel. It was about relationships and stuff like that. I'm going to check and see if it is coming on again and record the whole thing. I think it was on HBO which we get free every once in a while.

Well, I must stop and go iron the shirts.


  1. Sometimes the weather makes us take a day off doesn't it? Or at least change our plans. Laughed about the hair cut/grow issue. I recently spent months letting my short layered hair grow out to a "bob". Got it cut short with layers last week. Just couldn't deal with the fuss one more minute.


    1. Yes Darla it is dealing with the fuss that I hate hate hate. Never have wanted to waste time with my hair. So if I get is cut short, I will have to waste time going to get it cut to keep it short. I'm also terrible at making appointments.

  2. Good morning Sharon... My son lived in Texas a few years and I got to visit and can remember that really hot, penetrating, heat. Being about the same glorious age, I can relate how it pulls the energy (and sweat) right out of us! I hope you can hang out with the growing hair for a bit.... it looks like it's so thick! Hope you have a very 'cool' day. Sweet blessings, Chris

    1. Oh the heat. Late yesterday I went in the greenhouse to admire my early morning work. It was 112°. I haven't cut it yet.

  3. Sharon, I saw that film and it was entertaining! It sounds like you are going with the flow and that is good! How are the birds doing? Haven't seen any pics in quite a while!
    I know what you mean about sitting down and not wanting to get back up! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me comment! I do think I will add more though to painting as it feels incomplete to me. I have to go back and visit you postcards...you did such a marvelous job with yours! So creative! Do you miss writing to the mysterious art curator?

    1. Janine, We have had 3 clutches of bluebirds in that one "expect" box and I haven't taken one bird picture this year. We have also had chickadees hatch in a new box. I found a low redbird nest with 2 eggs and when I remembered to go with my camera the next day the eggs were gone. Makes me so sad knowing it was a big ole chicken snake for sure.
      I have been thinking about Tad and Vanzie lately....their story isn't finished. Yes I miss them.


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