Sunday, June 23, 2013

Guess where my new studio is

 It's in the garden of course. 
In the Klimt garden.
 I'm laughing at myself.
It didn't take me long to move outside and set up a new studio.
This is what I do while on gardening breaks.
After all, this is one of those "when I retire" projects.
I'm headed out the Klimt Garden and Studio.


  1. Love your new studio! Such a fabulous view. I'm looking forward to seeing this mosaic progress!

  2. What a wonderful place to create. You are always surprising me with something new. I like the mosaic piece a lot.


  3. love it...........i can smell the fresh air from here..... ;)

  4. I keep waiting to see if you got your blog book??? Hoping you'll post something....


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