Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Garden progress with a little audience

progress in the garden
Can you see the bunny watching me?

I tried to sneak up to get a photo.
I want to plant a climbing vine so I moved to the end to prepare the bed at the base of the trellis.

 All done for today.


  1. things look so good Sharon, things that will bloom and give you joy on that day when you see the buds, it also gives the mind something new, funny how the mind goes in directions in the garden, I know this from some intensive work in mine.

  2. Yes Emelie, I know what you mean about the mind going in many directions while I'm in the garden. I can come up with a gillion different projects while trying to just finish one.

  3. I spotted the bunny. What a delightful companion. It looks like you have a lot of garden to tend to.


  4. You have a lovely garden and what a sweet bunny! I have just posted a drawing of my wheelbarrow today, yours looks in much better condition than mine tho! :)


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