Friday, November 08, 2013

Full Moon Over San Miguel

Well well, I think I have been back from Mexico two weeks already.
How can that be? 
Still seems like yesterday and I'm still mellowed out from the trip.
The "chair zone" has become the story of my life. I can't seem to leave it.....
....this isn't what I mean to share today. 
Photo Credit:   Lulu Moonwood Murakami

We were blessed with a full moon while in San Miguel.
I was too dumbstruck to even try to take a photo.
Thank goodness one of my new artist friends did capture the amazement.
I'm sharing her "postcard" view that sums up the Full Moon Over San Miguel.
You will want to visit Lulu's blog as she and a group from Portland took an extended trip to Mexico and she is sharing so many beautiful photos just like this.
I am thrilled to know this new art friend. 
Full Moon Over San Miguel
Full Moon Over San Miguel is all about plaster, painting on it and other techniques taught by Judy Wise and Katie Kendrick.
I was inspired by the full moon and this is my way of remembering it.
(Even though I didn't really get the moon shape right)
My Full Moon Bracelet
Katie gifted each of us with a little bag of beads.
Actually it was a complete kit to make this bracelet
When I finished mine and put it on my wrist, 
I was struck by the beautiful white gemstone that fell right front and center representing another full moon over San Miguel. 

Thank you Katie and Judy for a wonderful experience in San Miguel. 


  1. Sounds like a beautiful time. I really love your full moon piece...such a lovely painting...her pretty face and soft colored veil are gentle to look at.

  2. {{ lovely posting

    your week
    had overlapped
    my week

    somehow }}

  3. missing you dear sharon and our lovely moon rich time together!

  4. Sharon, {{**thank you, my friend!**}} And your painting, with the full moon, is sooooooo beautiful!

    xoxo lulu

  5. The bracelets were a great surprise, weren't they. So glad you had a wonderful time. There's an ATC coming your way.

  6. Everything you write about the trip seems magical. Love the art and the bracelet is a great way to hold on to the memories.

  7. beautiful all of it, and lulu's blog is beautiful too! Big hugs!


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