Monday, November 11, 2013

My Wrap-up of San Miguel

I don't know about you but I seem to never finish my retreat art while on the retreat. 
For me it's not about coming home with finished art pieces.
I enjoy myself and take in as much as I can.
I fully enjoyed making this charcoal sketch for the inside of my triptych while in San Miguel.
And I'm happy I didn't rush the process because I am truly learning to love the charcoal sketching process.

When I got home, I finished it with paint. 

I have a personal challenge when traveling to retreats.
For one thing, I travel very light knowing I have to be able to manage my own luggage.
So, one thing I do is take only the supplies that are called for, with one exception. 
It is very tempting to take all my go-to supplies and tools.
You know, things you think you can't create without. 
I know you know what I mean. 
So, I allow myself to choose one thing that wasn't on the list. 
I purposely choose something that I don't use everyday.  
My tube of Golden Iridescent Gold (Fine) is what I took on this trip.
What you need to know is there was not one single tube of paint on the supply list. 
Of course I was sure that was an oversight and quickly shot an email to Rebecca to confirm.  
Nope, bring none!
A special colorlicious Mexican paint would be provided.
Katie provided us with the above image.
And I'm sorry to say, I don't know who the artist is.
I glued the image and then did a paint over. This I did finish in Mexico using liberal amounts of the Iridescent Gold mixed with every color.

I also finished my pouch that all the new art pieces fit in.
We each brought a piece of canvas that we used as a work surface while painting.
We cleaned our brushes and used up left-over paint on the canvas.
Then on the last day we each created a pouch.
We all shared many of the little scraps and they became a symbolic bond that connected each of us and the memories we made together.
favorite door
Many doors and portals await one in San Miguel.
This was one of my favorites.
couldn't pass up the selfie
I love these pictures.
My happiness shows.


  1. Great post, Sharon, I especially love the drawing you did inside your triptych. I've enjoyed reading about the adventures of the first group of pilgrims!

    1. I have enjoyed reading about the second group. Thank you. Only wish we could have been on the same trip.

  2. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this trip so much Sharon - it was wonderful getting to spend time with you and watch you create magic! The Mexican artist who painted the painting I shared "Soul of Mary (Our Lady of Incarnation) is listed as Anonymous. From the book Art and Faith in Mexico; The Nineteenth-Century Retablo Tradition.

    1. Thank you Katie, you were the magic! and Judy too! I loved every moment we had together (especially watching you dance) And thanks for the info about the print.

  3. dear sharon,
    so lovely to meet you and share the wonder of san miguel together. so many doors opened in so many hearts, thank you for your place in mine.

  4. Thank you for your beautiful perspective on our time together. I'm still not fully back home yet as I cannot stop picturing all of us painting, exchanging ideas and just being together. In my heaven I want you and our community of art friends together painting and crafting for all eternity; that is my finest pleasure. And San Miguel wouldn't be a bad place to do that. (((hug)))

  5. your trip looks amazing Sharon - and you do look so happy and relaxed!! Congrats!

  6. Hi Sharon, good for you for finishing your projects, good example for me!! Have not taken the time with mine and yours are lovely. Seems that San Miguel keeps coming up in my conversations and I miss the carefree days of creating, laughing, and showing up for
    Hope to see you again somewhere in time. xo Jody


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