Thursday, November 21, 2013

one life circumstance
his name is Stupid Kitty (for real)
If you had ask me,

What will you do with your time when you retire? The first thing I always said, "there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.

Then I would tell you the first things on my list.

  • sit in the chair zone and read books
I planned to read and read until I was bored with reading.And I did do a good amount of that.

  • just sit in the chair and do nothing. just. sit.
I have done a lot of that too.

  • sit in the chair and stitch until I became bored with stitching.
I did

  • paint, paint, and paint some more
By my standards, it doesn't feel like I have done much painting at all. I haven't.

  • grow my art business
  • garden
  • clean house
  • visit friends

And so on and so on and so on.

One thing I remember, I was in full-on immersion of my online class, A Diary of Faces.  I started the 18  week class in July knowing we were close to a sale of the business. Because the class was in organic diary format, I knew my commitment would be gigantic. (perfect for retirement) The class was and still is an enormous success with approximately 140 videos that I shot, edited and presented on most week days for 18 weeks. My contribution to the class ended November 9, 2012.

Today's Truth: In the end, I was totally exhausted and in burn-out mode from those 140 videos.  On top of that, it was during this time there was an undercurrent of the "life circumstances" that would come to bare by the end of the month. No doubt this contributed to my exhaustion. 

Note: This is the third installment of  How the infusion of San Miguel may have effected me which started November 19th. 


  1. Since I am one of the lucky ones who benefited from those 140 videos and your huge commitment to DOF, I am even more appreciative that you offered and stayed committed to the class during that challenging part of your life changes.

    1. Thank you Kathie, I was excited about it until the very end. Actually, it took me a while to realize that the burn-out I felt was about or because the DOF full-on comittment. I think that is a very natural feeling after doing something with such time and passion involved. I'm so glad you were there!

  2. Have been interested in your thoughts about retirement, I have enjoyed it, it is rather a bittersweet sort of feeling at times, the reason is knowing that a part of life that was a job won't happen again. The now is very gratifying however, I paint endlessly of course, and like the song "You're The Reason I Don't Sleep At Night"> I notice I hardly know what day it is, and the days go so fast. When you think of your own days, you remember that a job made the days, each of them had a certain feeling, Monday felt a way and Wed. and Friday, each had it's own. Now I don't have that, and I understand that it isn't about age that makes an individual not know the day it is about the routine. So if you are ever asked in a state of recovery about what day it is and you don't know it is not about being feeble it is about routine. One thing that is best about this retirement, mostly I don't have to hurry with a thing, (sometimes) but someone else's schedule for me to fulfill is not hovering over me.
    Enjoy your hours, and your thoughts, the sorting of those thoughts change from day to day I think. Love the day you are in, I have found that even a bad day goes fast.

    1. Emelie, always so good to hear from you. And other that the days go so fast as you say, I love not knowing what day of the week it is. Thank you for being you!

  3. Sharon, I am reading so much truth in what you - and your commenters, like Emilie above - write. I love being so in the flow that I don't know what hour, what day, it is. And SO true what you say, there are NEVER enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do!

    1. Lulu, I wish we could create together and be in the same flow.

  4. Loving this. Like Emelie, I have so many thoughts to contribute myself. About how I thought it would be and how it is. Thank you again for this excellent outpouring. xo

  5. having been through a similar experience myself (before my painting years), i think we don't realize when we launch ourselves from the work world into the creative world that we can burn out. i know i had no idea...

    i'm reading every day to see what comes next. : )


    1. Lynne I never knew what you did before your painting years. Now I wonder...

  6. Sharon I too had plans when I retired but life happened and I

  7. Took a different path. I am busier than ever and there is no pay. Just different rewards and I am great flu for each day. I look forward to the next installment also. Xoxo

  8. Oh Sharon I loved doing all your classes and so understand that burn out feeling you have been going through I hope you get more and new energy for what ever you want to do.


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