Monday, June 15, 2015

Face Lift with paint

Remember the pitiful little drop leaf on the project list?

I transformed it with bright Garden Palace colors. 

But wait, there is more.

Inspired by this one found on Pinterest which was made with two coat hangers, I gave it a try several months ago. 

When I finished painting the table this week, I suddenly realized that I would never want to place anything on the table and cover it up.
While contemplating that dilemma, I remembered the little unfinished birdcage. 

All I needed to do was add a birdie swing and some ribbons.

There you go. 
A Garden Palace Bird Cage.

And a beautiful little table with a face lift. 
I wish my Auntie Boo could see it now. 
I think she would love it.


  1. Oh, Sharon, this little project(s) turned out spectacularly!

  2. SPECTACULAR CHANGE...just plain ol' SPECTACULAR, Sharon!

  3. So happy to see you enjoying your retirement and the Garden Palace SO much. Wish I could drop in for some tea. Left you a Thank You note on 100Faces Facebook page thanking you for the amazing Diary of Faces workshop you had for us...forgot we had a Facebook page for that !!! Must be the age. Keep creating dear friend and I will keep visiting here. Wish there was more time to take "All Norah's Faces and the inktense on cloth workshops (sigh) time seems to just run away from one as you get older. Going to go through the all the videos once more and then wave good bye to the twirling lady !! XX Heather Basson

  4. Just love the wonderful art transformation of the table!

  5. Your cottage is becoming more and more exciting and charming. What a magnificent transformation. Your table is rich and luscious looking now.

  6. That table turned out beautifully! You are so talented!

  7. That table turned out beautifully! You are so talented!


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