Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Cab Project

In the parlor rose garden.
Did I ever tell you that each room of my tiny house has a flower garden?
Maybe you noticed. 

 Hereis the "before" of this little homemade cabinet. 
You can't tell here but it was falling apart and before painting it I had to glue it back together. 

I used chalk paint with dark wax.
And you might notice that I changed the knobs. 

This little cabinet was on the project by project post here in April and I am making a bit of headway. 
Getting the mirror hung and the small framed print above it count as projects too. 

dang ladder


  1. Makes a lovely entryway. You are doing well with checking things off your project list.


    1. Thanks, the problem with my list as I went back to that post to review is there are many many things not shown on the list. The other problem with my list is before I finish one project, I already have three more dreamed up. I guess that's the way it is suppose to be.


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