Monday, August 31, 2015

The Star in my Garden

For the most part, I have spared you from this gardening season.
However, I must tell you about this yellow star of my garden.

It was a dismal failure! 

It grew!
It grew about five feet high and wide and had exactly one bazillion beautiful, yellow, star shaped blooms on it at all times.
And it still does.
The problem, the stars never turned into fruit.

Actually, I don't know what I would do with one bazillion beautifully cloaked little green yellow orbs like this.
I knew early on when all I was getting was yellow stars that I had a big problem. 
Nevertheless, I was thrilled with the sweet little yellow stars in my garden and this was after all the first time I had tried to grow tomatillos.
Heck, I don't even have that much experience eating them.  

Yesterday with a little googling, I confirmed my suspicions about the yellow stars in my garden.
Sure enough, they do not self pollinate and I made the mistake of only planting one.
For an unknown reason to me, Mother Nature has required this beautiful plant be grown with a mate. 

The fact that out of exactly one bazillion yellow stars, I actually harvested exactly 14 cloaked orbs is therefore another mystery.
I can tell you they are very sweet and taste a lot like a tomato and were delishious on yesterdays salad. 
Next year, with two plants I will go into the tomatillo business.
Can you just imagine what I can do with exactly two bazillion stars and orbs from my garden.


  1. ABSOLUTELY FUN POST SHARON! I have only used them in Mexican food recipes, so this was such interesting news for me. I might just plant some next spring! THANKS ;)

    1. Yes do but remember to plant at least two. And thanks for your visits.


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