Friday, December 01, 2006

A Little Rambling

Here is a corner of a page in one of my gift journals. But it is not about the gift journal that I write today.

It is about stamps though. As I have told you before, all or most all of the stamps that I use in my art were given to me from my Mother. She collected them in the 1960's when she worked in mail room that received mail from all over the world. But it is not about the gift of stamps that I write today.

It is about stamps though. I was listening with one ear to Martha Stewart just now and she mentioned this site. It is about stamps. Anyway, I think it is a great source for stamps for collage purpose. Go see. I believe the stamp from above was from 1965.

So, how is your weekend looking like? Maybe the first round of Christmas parties? Not me. I am going to make ART this weekend. As always I have a long list of what I want to do. One thing is my Christmas Card. I'll be sending you one if I have your address.

I hope to do the cover art for my gift journals and also will work on the inside of the third journal. And if I get all that done, I am ready to do another page in my True Colors Journal. I'm thinking "hot pink and orange".

It finally got cold here so maybe I will set a fire in the fireplace. If you see a swirl of smoke from my place, stop in, we can ART together.

More later,
PS I can't help it. I just gotta show one
more page. Or half a spread.

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