Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Thing

Leads to Another
Yes, one thing always leads to another for me. You asked what I used to collage the napkins with and here is it, Golden Matte Medium. Later this week, when I get ready to collage some of these little tiny violets from Sandy onto this new sister, I will do a quick tutorial. Maybe you'll come back for that......but that's not what I was going to tell you about today.
I know I've said this before, "one thing always leads to another". Monday when I did that quick little sketch with FolkArt on the scrapbook card stock, I liked how it looked and felt while painting. So this morning, I got up and used the above colors to start this new sister. If you want to know exactly what the colors are, go ahead and click on the photo. More on that later....that's not what I was going to tell you about today.

Speaking of napkins, yesterday we were and I was thinking about how one thing always leads to another. Well here is my desk drawer of napkins. You ask where to find wonderful napkins and I can tell you that my blogging friend Suze told me about Tuesday Morning. But that's not really what I was going to tell you about today. But it is a hint.

Besides finding beautiful napkins at Tuesday Morning's I have received napkins from beautiful blogging friend like Sandy(violets yesterday) and Janet and Suze and Ro and Rosemary and Susan and Carolynn and Misty and Zorana and Darla and Fiona and Chantal and Cindy and Pilar and Kate and Terri and I know I have missed someone but don't be mad at me, ok. And receiveing the violets yesterday is the one thing that leads me to this:
Would you want to do a napkin swap?
If so,
Send at least 3 napkins to:
Sharon Tomlinson
126 Bridge Street
Marlin TX 76661

also enclose
one postage stamp
your return address on a little piece of paper

Here is how it will work, how ever many napkins you send me, I will send you that many by return mail. They can be all the same or all different or big or little.
I will use the little piece of paper with your return address to 'collage' onto the envelope. I will use your one stamp and add another if needed.
I will plan to mail the swap on Wednesday, June 25th. That is two weeks, but do it today. No sign up, just do it. Easy peasy. Enough
ps: yes this means one stamp from England, Australia, France, Sweden, Norway, get it? Enough


  1. My daughter use to work at Tuesday Morning here in South Carolina.

  2. What a delightful idea. I am sending off some napkins right away! I am so inspired by your blog, it is a highlight in my day. Thanks for sharing. I have been a napkin collector for a long time and I hope to some of the ones I'm sending are new for you.


  3. Now this will be fun! Napkins are headed your way soon. Love the little painting - so very cute.

  4. Hi Sharon: I am soo excited about the swap, I've already mailed mine : ) Like the previous post, I too have been a napkin collector for a looooong time so this will be fun : ) Thanks for having this fun swap : ) Ohhh, your new little painting is just wonderful : )

    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ : )

  5. Oh - I just got back from Tuesday Morning with some napkins - I'll be joining in the fun! =)

    I love your painting - but then...I love ALL of them!

  6. Packing an envie to send to you as week speak!!! what fun Sharon, thanks for thinking of this :))

  7. I had no idea you were a napkin expert! What a great idea for collage...and not bank breaking either. (Moving day is 6/28...but count me in on the next swap FOR SURE!!)

  8. Hi Sharon,

    What a great idea. Mine are in the mail. I've been collecting napkins for years. Thanks for having this fun swap.

  9. I'm sending some fantastic napkins out today! This is too fun & thanks for keeping it simple!

  10. Great idea.... I'm doing it (but wont be able to get them sent until Monday now).
    I love using napkins in my art so would love to do a swap.
    Looks like there are a lot of us who collect/hoard napkins, What a great idea to do a swap.

  11. Hello again!
    I'm involved in this,
    send napkins on Monday:0)
    I am looking forward to this.


  12. I have a lovely collection of napkins and woúld be happy to swap with you...I am blogging today and cleaning my desk and sorting my flea market finds of the last 5 months, and doing swaps, and watching the kids watch tv waiting for the shoe to!

  13. PS..the one stamp won't work for us out of the country. You can only post from America using us stamps...however, I would like to send you some Paypal to cover all of us outland folks!

  14. I would love to join in this napkin swap please, I just can't resist them I'm afraid.

  15. My daughter sent me over here because I love napkins. I will put some in the mail. By the way, this is a very nicely done blog.

  16. Napkins are on their way to you!

  17. AWK-K-K!! It's June 26 -- but just barely! I always get a vibe from your blog -- especially when I haven't visited in a while. But it it seems to always be a day late! Hmmmm. I'm sending napkins anyway -- its bound to take you a few days to do all that return mail. Love yours and Norah's KlimtKlash! The sisters Tea Party is fab -- as usual.

  18. Hi Sharon. I wonder if it is too late to do a napkin swap with you?

  19. hey!=) i m zehra forum Turkey.i m 19,Turkish girl.i ve got 300 different napkins.i ve been collenting for 8 years.i f u want swap napkins with me pls contact me!=)))


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