Thursday, June 26, 2008


Look at this FUN!
so far there are 24 swappers!
more are on the way!
My real job is getting in the way of my art-at-the-desk job.
I moved over to the art-at-the-counter area.
You guys through me for a loop!
I had to change the envelope plan.
It works.
Back at the desk I have some almost ready to go.

Just thought I'd give you a little peek. If you are swapping, watch for something similar to this.
I say similar because I will need to make more and you know how sometimes, I switch gears and don't even know it.


  1. I can hardly wait to get my little packet!! The little tease of images is just too much! This was so much fun - and so much work for YOU! Thank you so much for all the extra effort!

  2. Sharon, I have thought of you several times....getting all that mail. Getting "real" mail is always a treat, but yours - WOW! Now that I've gotten a peak at your swap return envelopes....I can't wait to receive one. My mail person will get a visual treat also and I know she will like that. It makes me shudder to think what a nondescript envelope I mailed your napkins in...I'll work on that in future. (This is a learning process, right?) You're the best!!! Pat at birdnestontheground

  3. i cant wait to see some return to me sharon, what FUn :))

    Sister D says hi also :)) She sits purched on my bookshelf watching over me as i art!!

  4. I truly had every intention of swapping napkins when I realized the ones I have YOU already have. SOoooo I have decided when I see some that scream "different" or that you may not have (which is hard to imagine) that's when you will get some from me. I, typically, like to be different. go figure!
    Looks like you're getting a real wonderful supply!

  5. Oh my, ohhhhhh my Sharon. You reeallly doooo love what you do and what you give shows it : ) I just can't WAIT to get my envelope. I will hound our mail-person every day for days till it is in my grubby, glued, paint-stained hands - just can't wait !!!! Thank you for all you do : )
    Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  6. Dang! I missed this swap! That will teach me to go on vacation. Thanks for the welcome back....I am soooo homesick for my family! I need to dive into some serious art.
    You crack me up with the art at the counter.

  7. hello mother! love you!! :) melissa

  8. Weeee! Those are lovely envelopes! I can't wait to go out to my mailbox and find one waiting for me there! What fun!

  9. Wow some people are going to have great envies!, love your blog I just had to stop by as I am a Tomlinson too!!

  10. Amazing response you've had Sharon....we all love your napkins!!!
    Wow... those envelopes are fantastic, you have put so much work into them!
    I hve a couple of new napkins after this weekend (trip into my sisters in Melbourne), so will send a couple of extra ones your way soon, just in case you dont have them already.

  11. I am thinking about sending you a napkin a month club selection just so I can get one of your envelopes! I hope that it does not get "reappropriated" by someone at the post that loves it too!

  12. Gorgeous work, Sharon! So glad I found your blog - I do have a question, tho. Where do you find your napkins? I've been looking online for awhile now, and only come up with booorrring regular napkins. I had almost given up until I saw your wonderful stash and realized they *do* make gorgeous napkins, I am not hallucinating!

    Would you mind emailing me with some ideas on where to look? I'd really appreciate it.

    Your work is tremendous - a real lift to my spirit today. Thank you for sharing!

    queenkatherine (at) gmail [dot] com


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