Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cover Time

I'm about to run out of TIME.
How about you?
I meant for these faces to be "sketches" over the prepared background. However, when I picked up my brush with the medium to set the sketch marks, the Stabilo pencil marks just became paint for me. I moved the pigment around until I lost the "sketch" quality. Sort of. All I added was Zink White in the high spots.
I'm happy it is done.
Although, you know how I am, I always see something I would do different. I won't tell you what.
Two more spreads and I will be mailing this off to Art House Co-op for the Sketchbook Project.
Until next time,


  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your process - it's very inspiring.

  2. Lovely cover! I really like your book. I sent mine off on Tuesday!

  3. Beautiful Pages, Sharon!!! I'm so inspired!!! here's wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your sketchbook project with us. Every page was better than the last--they were all good. Happy Holidays!!

  5. I have thought of the order often and about the cover on a journal, so interseting to me you did it at this point. I appreciate work that leaves the backgorund in the subject matter. I also appreciate the time stamp that you made and carried through the project.

    Your left face looks like a cousin of mine or she looked like that when we were 17.

    I Wish you an artful weekend that is here soon, and no stress of all the other things that need attention.

  6. Do you realize how cool you are? I want to say things like "the Stabilo pencil marks just became paint for me" I can only aspire to your fabulous-ness.

  7. Instead I just yell things like- "How many times have I told you no soda in the living room!!!"


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