Friday, December 11, 2009

Kiss Kiss

Good Morning,
Sometimes it starts like this. A desk doodle, also known as art-at-the-desk.
I wondered if I could paint "kissing".
So I gave it a try. Then I chickened out on painting the second person.
Anyway, it is another page in my Sketchbook project and it is good enough.

How about you give k.i.s.s.i.n.g. at try.
Expect kissing,


  1. Ah Sharon, you are killing me with the beauty of this!!! How can each spread be so beautiful!!!

    What a wonderful book this will be - already is!!!!

  2. Oh, so wonderful! How are you churning such amazing spreads daily? WOW!!!!!! This is dreamy.

  3. Your energy, right there with you as your marvelous spirit thrives.
    Such are charming girl so kissable.

    I plan to try that kissing as soon as I see the proper inspiration. It won't be the tin man.

    A minus 10, Emelie

  4. Sharon, I always love your backgrounds--are they watercolors?

  5. Oh, I love all the kissing girls. Your sketches are wonderfully lively and the painted page are in colors that really lift my spirit. BTW, there is a certain prayer flag waving gaily from my rose bush - DH can't figure out what it is - ha ha.

  6. I've tried drawing kissing and failed miserably! I cna't say how much I am enjoying this time series you are doing.

    I can't for the life of me figure out where you are finding the time to pump it all out.

  7. Your paper people are alive and so real; as if one could go back through your pages and weave a story around their lives.

  8. Love that pout! I am loving seeing all these amazing pages you are creating (loved seeing your desk doodle too!).

    You are so brave in your art. I dont know if I"m ready for a kiss yet! Your's looks fantastic.

    Jacky xox

  9. What a beautiful spread this is. Love the kissing and the profile is great. You're braver than I am!

  10. Beautiful Sharon! Your colors are always so misty and soothing. Love this spread lots.

    **blowing you kisses so expect to receive them :-)

    Giveaway underway! Come by and visit anytime :-)

  11. She's so pretty! I usually don't do well with a profile, but you've inspired me to try try again! Love the colors too!

  12. Sharon......your blog entries brighten my email box.
    I don't know you, but you must be beautiful inside and shows in your art.
    Thank you for allowing me a peek into your world.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  13. I'm really enjoying your journal spreads, Sharon. this one is so soft and dreamy looking. Does she see her prince approaching? I get the feeling that he's just the other side of the page edge. :)

  14. oh, I think this is more than good enough. I love it!!

  15. Never thought about kissing...hmmm.
    This page makes me think of a character in Cats.
    It's gorgeous.

  16. Love the kiss.
    Merry Christmas, Mary

  17. Hi Sharon, I signed up as a follower on your blog. I've been popping in every now and then for several months. We have a lot in common. Would you sign as a follower on mine? Thanks, warmly, Coleen,

  18. i love it - love your daring, love your sketchbook!

  19. Thanks for visiting me Sharon!! I love coming by your place; your art is so inspiring to me :-)

    Have a great Thursday!!

  20. Kisses are wonderful, but tough to paint! Delightful work, my friend.


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