Saturday, December 05, 2009

Time Flies

That's it, Time flies when you are having fun.

Having a lazy day here.

Making a little progress on the sketchbook.


Watching movies.

Expect something or other,



  1. Okay Sharon, two more amazing spreads!! Love the clock numbers on the face! Your colors are all so rich!!

  2. Delicious, awe-inspiring, sets me to shame how much you create - whilst watching movies, too! Love and hugs, A.

  3. I LOVE looking at your artwork!

  4. Again, absolutely wonderful!

  5. Good morning, I feel silly as I always ocme here with a whole mouthfull of words. YOu would think I had less now, but no, the thinking and doing of art fills my mouth.

    How time rushes, your right, like quick silver. I think quick silver is mercury.

    These are lovely faces, the second piece has that feeling of time rushing for certain. My hands so in such a direction when I speak of time with a friend. I think women spend a lot of time waiting,
    I have always thought it starts most noteably when we first know of a baby coming. A retrieve of hours would be a grand gift.

    Such a beautiful journal, such inspiration, it makes me wonder, you make this progress and how far ahead is you mind to the next pages.

  6. So true that time flies! Your artwork is beautiful!

  7. I love the details, especially the numbers on the face! I never thought about doing that. Love the backgrounds.

  8. Your expressions of time are just wonderful!

  9. Hi lovey, thanks for the blog comment - love the journal, the colours are so serene. xo

  10. Each page just gets better and better! I really like the gal on the bottom photo. It looks like she's swaying to the time or through time!

  11. Hi Sharon,
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    Come read the details..
    Hugs to you.. Merry Christmas deary!
    Darlene Pringle


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