Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finished Time Project

Here is the finished page.
It is the last spread in the book but not the last page to complete.
Hey, look..........
my eye is so much better.
really and I should have told you that it was not painful at all.
Thank you for you all your caring words. It means so much.
See.........all better wink wink
Visual Tutorial on this the last spread.
Here is how it happens sometimes.
But first, the finished spread for
"I need face time today".

The above was the background that I had prepared last week.
As I was getting so close to the end of the Sketchbook Project, I was beginning to run out of steam, energy, inspiration and time.
This background stumped me and I kept looking at it and waiting for inspiration.

The thing that works for me sometimes is to just pick up the paint brush.

So, that is what I did.

I knew I wanted to paint a face so I chose to push around some Folk Art "skintone" in the middle of the background.
That couldn't hurt. This background was doing nothing for me.

Then I added some blue on the left.

Then I started scrounging through a stack of "stuff" and ran across these two pages of doodles.

They were art-at-the-desk while I was waiting to receive the Moleskin.

I was trying to think of what in the world I could do with the theme, "time".

I am so happy now that I brought the doodles home.

The little sketch in the upper right corner inspired me today.

That was all I needed.

Using a water soluble pencil, I just made a continuous circle around and around.
Then added face features.
Fun funky features.
Then I started adding shading around the edges.
Think I was using violet oxide liquid acrylic.
I decided to switch to a Folk Art terra cotta because it was more of the color in the background.
That's when my eye was directed to Folk Art Metallic Copper.
I used that but eventually covered it with other colors.
Say what you will, but I really like the way Folk Art acrylics blend on paper substrate.
(off topic but I think one of the lessons in my first online workshop will be with Folk Art paints)


You know how I am, I reach a point and get lost and forget to photograph.
But here she is before I added the clock hands.
In Gold.

Also stenciled gold dots.

And she is finished.
Notice that I changed the writing from black to white.
More better.
I think.

Just as soon as I type the information on my Library Card that I added, I will be on target to mail this on December 22, 2009. That is all the TIME that I allowed for this project.
I'm happy it is done.
I'm happy with it.
I'm sad to send it never see again.
Unless, it comes to a location close to me.
And it could.
More on that later.

I'm thinking I will be absent from posting until Christmas weekend.
But I will be visiting blogs and stopping in to say hi.
I will be working on another pressing project, as well as,
my workshop videos.
Expect to hear more about that,


  1. What a page! I think my favorite... EVER. So dreamy, storybook-like, amazing. You didn't wait for inspiration, you called it and it came. I love everything about that spread. And I'm glad that we got to see how your eye is better. You are funny! :-)

  2. I love this page too!! Terrific! I'd be heartbroken to send it away. ;)

    Merry Christmas Sharon!! :)

  3. I just love your timebook
    You are an inspiration evry day as I try and compose (lol) my diary.
    Thank you

  4. Your journal art is so colourful and very beautiful.

  5. Ok I read it through first! lol!

    I love this page! I am happy your eye is better too! winking back.

    An online workshop? I can tell I am going to be really broke this year! How exciting a workshop! YAY!

  6. I am so glad you eye is better! And hey, did I read first online class???!!!!! Count me in! You TIME journal is a treasure. You have scanned it all so really you still have it. I know it is hard to let it go! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. i so enjoyed watching your time creations....can't wait to see more videos!! best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday...


  8. Whoa! Iwasn't expecting a post from you today but I took a look-see anyway because it's my habit! What a happy surprise; a new picture and tutorial, too! That makes my day! Glad to hear that naughty eye is on the mend, too!
    I'm almost sorry your Timebook is finished but I know more goodies will be coming!

  9. Sharon! I have been watching the progress on your "time" book and it is fabulous!! It would be hard to let it go after all the love and time (pun) you put into it. Kind of like putting one of your kids up for adoption!! LOL!!! Great work and can't wait to see what you come up with next! Merry Christmas!!

  10. Tell us more about the workshop. I have long admired your work...this page is another great one!
    Merry Christmas,

  11. Sharon...........I adore this journal!!!!!! Fabulous as always!
    My studio is brighter:D I painted the rough cement walls behind some of the bookcases. WE never got the room finished, but it looks so much better than it did:) Yes, I love going in there now instead of closing the doors and ignoring the space...ha..ha!

  12. That is a perfect page for your book of Time.

    Folk Art paints, huh? I am going to watch my favorite haunts to see what sales are coming up. Do you think Santa will leave me a gift certificate? or small change? or, um, the dreaded coal?


  13. Sharon, you are such a talented lady! I'm so glad that you are offering a workshop, and sharing your techniques with us--Merry Christmas!

  14. I get so excited when I come to look at this time journal, itis most creative with thought and presentation. Maybe you mentioned where it is going and why it won't come back. I would like to hear
    as I missed it somehow, or didn't pay good attention. It has to be so much a part of you the days and thoughts put forth. I am so glad that you also like it.

    My eye never heals in such a painterly fashion. I must say it is a good tutorial on doing eyes.

    Wishing yo lovely things during this season. Emelie

  15. just beautiful.
    i'm glad your eye is better and glad to hear it didn't hurt.
    merry christmas.

  16. Just BEAUTIFUL! Your so talented and your work is amazing! Thanks for sharing! `hugs~

  17. Another gorgeous work from you! Merry Christmas Norah!

  18. I love this childlike face!

    I wish you A Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2010 :-)

  19. Hey Sharon- I am way interested in your on-line workshop. I have slow, slower and slower dial up- I wonder if I will be able to down load? Please let me know as details develop!


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