Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blog Book Review

 I Love it!
I love the book but it is the content that I am most proud of and thrilled with myself for finally doing this. 

The content of my first six months of blogging had a lot of family and home life stuff.  Now, I like seeing that in book form. 

I will definitely make a book of the rest in increments of six months as well. 
 I chose large pictures and am glad that I did even though it did make the book many more pages. 

There is one option I wish I had tried for a comparison. 
There is an option to start each post on a new page. I did not chose that option and now I'm wondering if in the long run it would not have made much difference in the number of pages. The above is an example of the option I chose to not start a new page with each post. 
As you can see above, there is blank space on the left page because the next picture wouldn't fit. So, it would be nice to have a little more editing control.  But that's just me wanting to control everything and everyone. I'm learning that I don't need to do that anymore.
If you are still on the fence about making a blog book, I say go for it.


  1. There is something about a book, any book, that reaches my senses more than things written/shown on the computer (or reader). I'll bet that your new book is a pleasure to hold and look through.


  2. You are right Darla. I think this book made me realize that more than any other.

  3. Love love love your blog book! It came out great. I hear what you're saying about the way the pages fall, but for the most part in mine, it didn't happen very often that there was a "white space" so it amazed me how well it turned out. I would do it again! Even my 25 yr old son liked it so it doesn't get better than that. I like the way your cover came out too.

    1. Thank you, my kids and grandsons were very impressed too. They never read my blog. There is just something more everlasting with a book. I'm always thinking the blog is going to go away. It is a control thing....again.


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