Friday, July 19, 2013

Important change announcement

My swing made with an old bedstead by my father who passed away in the early 1980s
for my mother who passed away in 1991.
The swing back is the headboard and the sides are from the footboard cut in half. 
I will be brief with this important information. 

As you may or may not know, Ning, the site where I host my online classes, has announced

In addition to various formatting changes, they announced a new pricing structure based on number of members. The formatting changes give me some concern as to the way I present my classes; however, I am more concerned about the new cost to me as the creator of allnorahsart.ning.

First, let me say, I love my class site and I am not moving from Ning.  I am committed to staying at least one more year to see how it all works out.

I'm sharing this for the following reasons:
To let you know
  • all classes are still available and will be for at least one more year.
  • I have purged all members who were not enrolled in a class.
  • the home page is invisible and not accessible unless you are enrolled in a class.
  • if you are interested in a class, click on the tab at the top or the class icon in the right sidebar of my blog for class information and paypal button.


I look forward to new students, so if you have been holding back because of the Ning changes, know that nothing is changing for me for at least one year. 

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