Friday, July 12, 2013

From The Chef's Garden

On my last trip to Italy and with the Chef's permission,
I collected a dead head (seed pod) from his garden. 
I don't remember if I even knew what the plant was but that doesn't matter. 
I stashed it among my art supplies labeled and wrapped in this napkin.  
Planted on June 12th.
I didn't have a clue what part was the actual seed so I planted all of it.
On June 23 the first seedling popped up.
I would have never guessed that part to be the seed.
I was so happy that I had at least one plant. 
Then, after ignoring it for a few days I went out July 5th and jumped with joy when I found 11 seeds had germinated.

 Today, July 12th I transplanted six seedlings. I count 21 more left in the pot. Before I thin out more, I'm going to see how these do. 
I'm very excited and holding my breath that I can grow these.
PS:  The photo of the first seedling with the seed cap still attached was taken with my iphone and a Macro Cell Lens Band.
It is pretty cool!


  1. Very fun! Can't wait to see what it's going to be!

    1. Yes fun and I think very exciting. Wish I had taken a photo of the plant. The chef's garden was mostly herbs for the kitchen but there were other things too.

  2. The photo is great. Can't wait until you find out what it is you are growing.


  3. Great photo's. Having a plant is a great reminder of your trip. I'm anxious to know what it is your are growing.


  4. Oh wow, that is so sweet. I wish i had brought seeds home, what a great reminder. ♥

  5. you are amazing! How wonderful that you have an Italian plants now!!!

    Cant wait to see how they grow more...



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