Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Project Birdbath Complete

I did it....with the help of this furry creature.

 I made a mold and cast cement.

Then, early morning yesterday, I started my birthday off with the mosaic to finish it off.  
I love it.
I will let you know if the birds love it too. 

PS....yes...that is poison ivy, virginia creeper, wild grapevine, english ivy, briar, pepper vine, and tie vine under that tree. 


  1. Ha ha it seems your furry friend knows who'll be visiting the lovely new bath..! A beautiful garden addition. Happy belated birthday.

    1. Ha ha I never thought of that....he is even licking his paws already.

  2. Your finished project is beautiful and a nice addition to the garden. Your helper looks quite happy with it. Hope you had a great birthday. I'm another July baby... soon.


  3. Wow...your birdbath is beautiful! I was on a blog break recently so I missed out. Your project reminds me of a birdbath my grandma had when I was a kid only it was covered with marbles. I was always fascinated by it.

  4. Just looking at the history of this project. I see you started with an old, not-so-loved bird table stand... but then you actually MADE the bath part to fit it...?? Wow!

  5. Your birdbath is magnificent! I hope the birds think so too.

  6. Sharon.....haven't commented or emailed in a very long time...but always check out your blog, reading several at a time. Sure love everything you do...and how you write about what you do. LOVE the bird are so multi-talented and I know you are working out in that Texas heat I grew up in. You go girl!!!! Just wanted to say hi and wish you more and more fun in your retirement. I am watching!!! hugs, pat


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