Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Cabinet Door

A Cabinet Door

This project started months ago when I collaged the book pages on this small cabinet door. 
I did it not knowing what I was going to paint but I will tell you, I never thought about painting flowers. 
Actually, I never thought it would be a Garden Palace project.

Each day when I go over the the Garden Palace, I take along my art-to-go-bag that I used when I was going to that dang-desk-in-town.

Now instead of paint brushes and art supplies, my bag carries things like small tools, plastic bags, paint rollers, batteries from my cordless tools, and whatever thing I might need for the work day.

Each day I plopped it on the floor while thinking I need a place to hang it. 

Finally, the day came when that was my mission.
I think that happened when I discovered the pretty little hooks I  purchased so long ago.
I found them when I emptied the big bookcase in the parlor. 
I'm always amazed when something slots right into place.

the cabinet door + the hook + inspiration to paint flowers + the perfect place to hang a hook

Oh, and if you want to know the gorgeous color is Derivan Matisse background Straw with a little bit of dark wax over it. 
Watch for more of it.

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