Sunday, April 12, 2015

Repurposing at its best

My New Washstand

In another lifetime this was a sewing desk or student desk.
When I purchased it for five bucks, it did not have a top and there are no drawers.
However, there was a compartment inside that I removed.

I took a photo of the graffiti while I was painting it.

One day I discovered a large old cabinet door I purchased at the Resale store in Waco would work for a table top. 

I was very excited because I knew from the beginning that I would make a mosaic top for my washstand and was wondering how I would handle the edge of the mosaic.

The trim of molding near the edge was perfect. 

Ready to grout.

Grouted. Note the plate is grouted in place.

I remember that my Grannie had a washstand at her back door. 
It seems like it was a plain wooden box.

She also had a dipper hanging on a nail above a bucket of well water for drinking.
Can you imagine?

washstand at the backdoor

My original plan was to cut a hole in the top so this granite bowl would sit down in it. 
When the time came, I couldn't decide if I really really wanted to cut a hole.
What if I made a mess of it? 
I tried to think of something simpler.
And discovered that I had two big bowls in my kitchen that would also work on my new washstand.
Each would have required a different size hole. 
It would have been real simple to just mosaic the whole top.
But you know I do tend to make things complicated for myself. 
So I used a cracked plate from my everday dishes and grouted it into the mosaic. 
Now, I have three options for the wash bowl. 

So, do you agree? 
Giving new life to an old desk that nobody but me wanted and an old cabinet door is repurposing at its best.


  1. I do AGREE, Sharon! What a GORGEOUS transformation...clapping!

  2. Wonderful! Also love the mental image of your Grandmothers old dipper hanging on the wall.



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