Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This is not about my junk

This is about my Red Bookcase

Here's all my junk...again.
But this is the only "before" picture of my bookcase. 
Just encase you didn't notice the last time I shared this pic, do take note of that morning sunshine.

sorry about shooting through the ladder

So here it is.
I had to have it RED. 

I'm not really staging anything yet.
For now I need to just get it all out so I can see what I have.
I stopped to take the photo before it looked like the first picture of all my junk. 

I have a lot of stuff.
Till now, a lot of it has been boxed up waiting for me to reclaim the Garden Palace.
The coolest thing happened last week when I was opening the boxes. 

One was like a great big box of Christmas presents.
It was so fun to rediscover the gifts that I received ages ago from dear friends.

All of the gifts were were intended for my Garden Palace and I saved them just for this week!

I have the grandest friends!


  1. I love it! Can't believe I'll be there soon!!! ❌⭕️💕

  2. That is the perfect shade of red. How exciting to see how things are coming together.



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