Monday, April 06, 2015

Project by Project

I'll get them done. 
While I emptied the parlor last week to clean and paint the floor, I took pictures of most of the projects I moved out. 

Just for the record (mine), it is helpful to see them this way rather than in my head in a jumbled mess.
Or in the parlor in a jumbled mess.

Birdcage project needs a bit of dressing up. 

Also, on this day I retrieved the rolled up morning glory floor cloth from under the bed and unfurled it. 
As the day warmed the floor cloth relaxed and settled down in its spot. 

Chair is a paint and seat project

Buggy project will be a surprise
 This was my mother-in-laws and I don't know where it came from.
I can't help but wonder if it was hers.
I have a re-purpose plan for it. 
Shutters to re-purpose

Cabinet Corner Shelf to hang

Antique Easel
 This will be a simple project.


Tin Canister Set

Sconces with Mercury Glass 

Candle holders

Wicker Chair

Table and legs
 This will become a parlor art desk.

Small Drop Leaf Table
Various legs and turned dowel parts

 I'll think of something. 

Expandable Hooks
 I have already used the one on the left. 
Watch for it in the next post. 


Small three drawer cabinet
 Small cabinet needs gluing and paint.

Homemade stool
This little stool project is finished. 
It is a little wobbley but I'm not touching it as it was made and used by my Daddy.
And I love it just the way it is.
Having it in the Garden Palace makes me think of him every time I see it. So many memories but mostly that he taught me I could do anything I thought I could do.


  1. I think I have at least one of everything on your to do list. That, and so much more. There has to be a term for us 'repurposers'?

  2. You have lots of treasures waiting for a little help. I'm sure you will enjoy fixing them up. The place is coming together!


    1. Yes everything I have collected for the Garden Palace needs a little help. A few things need big help. Somehow I justified collecting the items because they needed a little help.
      Thank you,

  3. Sharon, such treasures! I'm glad that you are repurposing and your father would be proud!!

  4. I love those projects. Such fun to create something better from old.
    I am looking forward to doing ab few myself. After my Cancer bout it will be fun to play again.


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