Friday, October 16, 2015

Have a Seat

I'm undecided about which room to use the bench in. It works nice here under this front window but it also works pretty good in the Morning Glory Garden Room under the window behind the table. Should I ever need seating for more than four guest, I can just pull the bench up to the table. Actually, those are the only two options.  
Here it is before I waxed it and after I scrapped and sanded it. But up until the moment to get going on this project, I was absolutely sure that I would paint the bench. Then, one day while I was sitting at the art desk over there and thinking about what color, I realized the only thing that made sense was to just clean, sand, scrape and wax it. 
If I used it in the room with this table, it matched nicely.

If I use it here in the Rose Garden Parlor, it matches nicely. 

Did you know that Tim's Cloth is finished? I worked on it for more than five years and finally, it is all done. Here it is on the bench after my washing ceremony. I wrote about that here on my blog, The Cloth Side of Me. I invite you to take a look. 


  1. Sharon tell me about your little stool cushion. Is it crocheted or hooked? It's so cute and I love the colors you chose to make it!

    1. Thanks Sharon. Here is the post that tells about the little stool.
      Maybe you can copy and paste the link.


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