Sunday, October 18, 2015

It Keeps Getting Better

Project No. 137: Make shelf from table cut-off and Paint. √ 10-15-15

Project No. 138: Hang shelf above parlor desk. √ 10-16-15

Project No. 132: Apply screw eyes and hang 100 faces. √ 10-10-15
Project No. 139:  Repaint frame for painting from Hill workshop. √ 10-07-15

Project No. 141:  Hang painting above shelf. √ 10-16-15
I did it. You may remember from this post, I cut eight inches off the table top and reserved it for an above desk shelf.

I have been enjoying the pleasant weather we are having and spending time at the Garden Palace. Therefore, this project finally moved up on the project list. 
I am thrilled with the result. I was so anxious to get it installed that I rigged up a way to set a chair on the desk to hold the heavy shelf up in order for me to screw it to the wall. It was a bit more involved than that. You should have been there. I could have waited for help but I could not wait. Needless to say, having found a few new muscles, I spent the next day (yesterday) in the chair zone. 
Before taking photos, I stepped over to the red bookcase that holds stuff-in-waiting. I love this set of antique birdie wall pockets. I think they are perfect here!
The turquoise blue vase is also perfect. And just so you know, I'm using dried basil flowers in the vase and pockets.
Also, just so you know, the vase is strategically placed to hide her way too skinny leg. 
If you want to see the way too skinny leg and the painting without the reflecting glass, pop on over to the post where I attended the Hill workshop.
It is impossible to get a photo without reflections but in my opinion, reflections and shadows give life. 
Did you notice how my brush holding teapot and the lime green desk organizer echo in the painting? As does the vase and wall pockets. It just keeps getting better.  


  1. Wonderful escape and play area!

  2. Such a wonderful room. It just keeps getting better and more delightful! Thank you for sharing your art with us all Sharon!

  3. LABOR OF LOVE shows so much love and just sit YES...and then to CREATE MORE! just DIVINE ATMOSPHERE SHARON!!!

  4. To have a spot like to...reflect, create, dream, organize, work, breathe, and hide :) I'm so jealous. It's beautiful.

    1. Yes, it is very meditative and I do all of those things. Even hide. I do the dreaming part the most.


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