Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Parlor Buffet

Every item I have purchased since the day I purchased my daydream  was a "project". Somehow in my mind I could justify the purchase if it was not perfect, if it had to be fixed, painted, or if it was someones discard.

This tiny red buffet is the exception. I found it just like this about eight years ago and had to have it. Of course the Garden Palace had been abandoned but I knew someday.......would come.

Someday would come when I would be ready to move my tiny red buffet to the Garden Palace. 
Project No. 131:  Move red buffet to G.P. √  10-17-15

It was on the project list and the day came. Actually, I had a very perfect place for it in the big house and struggled a bit with the decision to move it.
I call it a buffet because that is what it looks like to me even though it would not serve much. Maybe a desert. Maybe a tea service. Or maybe, for now I will just call it my spoon buffet. Yes.

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  1. What a beautiful piece this is and a natural for your room!


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