Thursday, October 08, 2015

When I turned around

On Stage Now
The Red Wicker Chair

 According to my Intention Journal, I painted the wicker chair red on July 13th. 

The wicker chair project never got to take a bow.

Here is the before as shown in the Project by Project post on April 6th.

This post is about something else.
It is about something that sometimes just plain dumbfounds me. 

I finished painting the drop leaf table on May 25th and she officially took a bow on June 15th.

 I was dumbfounded.
It was when I turned around while taking photos of the new floor cloth.
I saw for the first time the connection between the table and chair. 
I was alone but I was speechless for a moment. 
And then I heard her say, "It's about time you let me and my red curls take a bow on your stage."

When I Turned Around

I am totally aware of being influenced by my surroundings but when I discover it has come through my subconscious, that dumbfounds me.


  1. That's just beautiful the way it all pulling together as if it was all meant to be.

    1. Thank you. I sit in wonderment sometimes about how the vision that I have had so long is really coming together. But in a case like this it dumbfounds me.

    2. I love your floor cloth and your garden house! love all your art! you are amazing.I enjoy your blog so much I look forward to it.

    3. Thank you for visiting. And it is so nice that you also leave the nicest comments.


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