Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blank Week

I'm kinda having a blank week. It's Thursday and nothing doodled on my calendar yet. It's blank.

I crashed on the couch in front of the TV Tuesday night and had to ask my daughter how many movies we watched. She said, "we watched 2 and you watched the news and 2 late night shows". Oh. OK

Last night, I just bypassed the couch and went straight to bed at 8 for a little nap. I really was going to get back up at 9 because I have some really cool art going on. My batteries needed recharging. I think they are now.

I received this wonderful collage card with the sweetest note inside from Gina, my blogging buddy who lives in Sweden and always just leaves me the coolest comments. Love this Gina, it is so neat to get to have one of your cards in my hands to enjoy. And Norah's head is spinning with the inspiration that came along with the card.

Speaking of comments. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to hear from you when you stop by for a visit. I loved getting all your comments about the little egg stamp tutorial. Isn't it cool how one thing always leads to another. Some of you remembered the belts hanging in your closet and no doubt other things that are handy for making stamps.

So, if you made a stamp or a frame, please tell us and leave a link so we can all run over to your place and ooooh and ahhh. Because one thing always leads to another. So fun.

To keep me from rambling any more I'll just save...
More later,


  1. I am working on my stamps:) I have had the materials for months and they have just sat in a box in the closet. It's fun!!! Thank you for helping us push our boundries and to grow. Love, Jamie

  2. I picked up some foam in the $1.00 bins at Michael's today. Hoping to play with it tomorrow. Sounds like you needed a rest. Now you'll be refreshed and recharged to begin anew!

  3. one thing does always lead to another - and we are never sure how the dance will play out...

    come see how your winged things took root

    xox - eb

    thank you much

  4. I got my carving tools out...I'll be carving some stamps this weekend! :)

  5. HOpe your batteries are well and truly recharged now!

  6. To me everything you do is a spectacular result....from doodling on the calendar to your wonderful bags. You encapsulate a talent I have GREAT admiration for!
    The egg tutorial was fabulous and if truth be told I actually went to Wally World to see if I could find the buckles. LOL! I ended up not finding them but found a few little things in their "craft" aisle that were quite reasonable. (I don't normally shop at WW, I'm a Target gal).
    I love experimentation, you never know where it will lead.

  7. They have foam 50% off at Hobby Lobby through tomorrow so I plan on picking up some and getting busy with those unworn belts (buckles) in my closet soon. I'll share when I do.
    Thank you again so much for the beautiful bag and all the other goodies that you sent! I LOVE it all and so appreciate you "gifting" me with your ART!

  8. He made it!! Me and my seriously yellow oversize tape dispenser and my second manly card! There was oodles of happiness coming your way in that card! Jeanette is training my eye on how to spot recyclable "stuff" for art usage! You are allowed a blank day on the doodle pad. That means what comes after is waiting to jump out! ps..the tv has been watching me lately. Wait till you see my stamp attempt,LOL!

  9. hey polka dot wing queen come visit -

    xox - eb.


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