Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Morning

Just thought I would pop in to say good morning, just in case you stopped by.

I've got a project on the table today and needed a new Rose of Sharon picture. So, I went out to get that and came face to face with this beautiful butterfly.

I chased her a little bit and got several shots to play with. I sure hope she is still out there when the camera batteries recharge.

Well, I must get back to it.
More later,


  1. Beautiful. Eb sent me your way.

  2. Beautiful photo's. I'm having a kind of puttering day. Leave on a trip early Tues. morning so I feel neither here or there at the moment.

    Good day to do the blog rounds don't you think?

    And maybe pack.


  3. we have a rose of Sharon tree - it won't be in bloom for awhile but - I'll make a point of photographing it - when it does bloom its quite something - thank you for your kindness to my sister

    xox - eb.


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