Monday, June 25, 2007

She Got It

I have a new blogging stop that I wish to share. Rella at Faerieluna makes the most wonderful art dolls. Well they are so much more than art dolls. They are Mothies. I won't even try to describe them to you. They are stunning and you really must go see them. Rella was the recipient of this special little envelope from me, The Wingkeeper. She received it and now, I'm expecting a little Mothie. I'm told it is already in flight to me. I can't wait and I'm sure I can share with you when it arrives. You can have one too because Rella has just set up her Etsy.


My Weekend

And now about my weekend. Most of Saturday was spent in experimental mode. I was inspired by article in Somerset Studio by Lisa Bebi, titled "Beach, Tints, & Beeswax". Par for me, I kinda did my own thing and it all started when I rediscovered some beeswax in a stash from long ago.

(click on image for a closer look)
My first effort at this was spoiled in the final beeswax stage. Determination took over and I did another. The image that I used is from my original "Flyaway" piece and is printed on muslin smaller than the original. I used molding paste with a stencil to accomplish the floral swag on the right and bottom left corner. One of the foam egg stamps from the tutorial was used and stamped on a strip of black fabric. Beeswax was the final step; however, you may not be able to see it in this picture. It is not completely covered with beeswax, just random around the edge. It is a nice effect. The piece is on 11 X 14 canvas board. I think it will look stunning in a frame. I'm thinking I will list this on my Etsy.

More later,


  1. Awwwwww.... this is so beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing the new blogging stop. Rella's Mothies have such personalities that I wish they were able to talk...

  2. Oh my.......I come to visit and I see such a sweet reference to my blog and Mothies....thank you dear heart, you have made my night!!!

    Now...HOLY MOLY!! That is such a lush piece you did (twice) and you absolutely must put it up on ETSY if you can part with it...just stunning. down and four to go until we reach "Blissed-out" time.

  3. Yes, doesn't FaerieLuna/Rella create wonderful Mothies? I am in love with them! Her and I were very lucky to receive something really special from you in the mail last week. I can't keep my eyes off the print you sent me! Of course, that also made my week really difficult because I had SO much work to do (hence my "no blogging" these past few days). How can one concentrate on their pc screen and translation project when a little beauty is just nearby, wanting to be admired?! Thanks again :-) And I really like your wax collage :-)

  4. love this new piece and am on my way to the mothies

    xox - eb.

  5. this IS stunning, Sharon, so very elegant!! but then all your work is just beautiful.... thank you for sharing how you did the vines with stencils and molding paste - i have both, i must try it. now i will go check out the mothies....

  6. It is such fun to visit you because you are always trying something new and then sharing with us.

    I'm off to look at the Mothies. Thanks for the link.


  7. This is another lovely work of art. I love the girl's face and the colours you've used. They look so good on the black

  8. Your "Fly Away" piece is one of my favorites! Excellent. I love it when you are in experimental mode. Jamie

  9. Of course I love her! She has flowers in her hair :) I will have to "fly away" myself and see what Mothies are...

  10. I had to see what a mothie was before I finished the post and it is beautiful! ( sneaking off to see what is at ETSY!)yaxigd

  11. i dropped by because i saw you gave me credit for the beeswax article in somerset. i really appreciate you mentioning me!!!!
    i'm a bit confused because who is norah?

    nice work.
    stop by and see me sometime...

    thanks again, lisa bebi


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