Sunday, June 10, 2007

Book Of Me

I am giving a youth workshop in August through the County Extension Service and this is an example book. When the kiddos come in to sign up they can see what an altered book is all about.

I am supplying the board books and other supplies and they will bring their own pictures, magazine clippings, pens and stuff like that.

Notice the butterfly on the front cover is from this morning. I just tweaked it a bit.

Me in 1946. But the book is "About mE today."

The word 'today' is from my phone bill. There is a faint background and I used the same paper to stamp the word 'about' on. I also used it on the back cover to stamp on.

I'm wanting to make a point to the kids that you don't have to go out and buy a bunch of supplies. It's free in the mail and junk mail is on their supply list.

The pages are in order and this page is the first one inside the front cover.

I tried to keep this little book simple. Time will be a factor but I really want to just give enough to inspire.

So I just stamped some circles and then punched some wallpaper circles. Actually circles happens to be one of my favorite things.
This page is about butterflies, one of my favorite things. This is the one I chased down this morning.

What is a wingkeeper, you ask? I'm having dreams about being a wingkeeper...another day.

My report card in the third grade mentioned that, "Sharon likes to day dream".

Still do, but this page is about making pockets and tags.

Oh dear how I hated putting a picture of ME in this little sample book. But the point is to encourage the kids to do so as well.

I just noticed that smiling crocodile in the background on the left.

I guess it wouldn't be about ME without flowers. The Rose of Sharon picture is from this morning. I just printed mirror images and cut it out.

The black letters are from those little stacks you can get at the craft stores. I thought it would be something the kids could easily use.

You know I'm a crazy fool about my chickens. I'm just a lucky duck that I don't have to take care of them. My dear husband does that for the most part. Today they gifted me with 3 green eggs, 1 brown egg and 2 cream colored eggs.

If you click on the picture it will enlarge in another window and you can see the dictionary is on the "chicken" page but it is my Spanish dictionary...English to Spanish.
On the cover I used black Gesso. Then I stamped with a black StazOn. I think you can see the really cool black on black effect.
Just in case you're wondering how I managed to get this done today, all I can say is I hope I don't have any company. I didn't do any house blessing today and my dear sweet wonderful husband cooked tonight.

Now here is my question for you, do you think I kept it simple enough for kids to do?
I will only have eight and should be able to give a lot of one-on-one. I think the time will be an issue but we will just see.
Now, I have to go clean up my work area and gather up a few table scraps left from my day and get them ready to wing out of here. (I'm smiling)
More later,
PS....maybe you will be inspired to make a quick little "Book of Me"


  1. What a great book Sharon. I think a ME book is a great idea for kids. How old are the kids in your class and how long is it?

  2. Oh my! This is wonderful. wouldn't it me a great idea for my class next year!!??? You will have to fill me in on it after you do it with the kids! I am excited to hear all about it. Oh what lucky ducky kiddos who will get to create with you....the wingkeeper!

  3. I am always so happy when kids have a chance to learn about art and doing so through self expression. This book is great and HAS inspired me to want to do one myself. I think even if the whole thing isn't finished in the alloted time you will have given the kids a GREAT foundation to work from. I think you will impart a whole new way for them to look at ordinary things and make extraordinary things from it. I can see them asking their parents for all the junk mail!
    Wingkeeper....that sounds enchanting!

  4. What a fantastic book! Those kids are so lucky to take a workshop with you. I think they're going to love altering books!

  5. This is a fabulous little book Sharon, they should have a ball doing this class, very inspiring.

  6. What a sweet little board book....I guess that is what it started as:) I wish I had seen this while I was still teaching.......maybe I can do this with the grandkids someday:)

  7. That is one of those simple but thoughtful projects I would like to try! Wallpaper is something I have plenty of but never get around to adding, so that is a new touch for me... I am sure the kids will love it and the ideas are such that they can continue working on it at home.

  8. Sounds like a fabulous project to share with young people! And I love your "sample" altered book, as always :-)

  9. Your book looks great, Norah, and I love the cover showcasing the frame and large letters. I think that you kept the book at a good level for these kids. You've given them a good introduction to altered board books with a few simple techniques to get them started without overwhelming them. Trust me, once they get into it, they will reach a point where they don't want a lot of instruction and just want to play and create. Kind of like us, right?!

  10. now... this is absolutely marvelous and incredible and you shared it all with us - lucky us

    xox - eb.

    dreaming in polka dot...

  11. that wish number is posted - per tomorrow - yes - you dear polka dot wing guardian - winged dreaming...

    xox - eb.

  12. well - it was given and inspired by you - no wonder... do you really like it?

    xox - eb.

  13. I love this little book!! What a great class the "youth" will have!

  14. This will be perfect for the kids! I love how you used the butterfly!! Do you just print it on the ink jet or do you have it laser printed? My ink jet prints always get mangled even with gel medium so I'm forever at Office Max getting weird looks from the ladies when I plop down a pile of collage elements:) I would love to do this with the boys for a summer project. They love to art with me:) Those are lucky kiddos you are going to teach. Thank you for sharing your talent. Love, Jamie

  15. Sharon, I love the book! Your artwork is great eye candy! Good for you teaching the children! It is so rewarding to see them express themselves through art! Best of luck with your class!

  16. YUMMY, this is a fabulous post. I love all the altered pages (of course!) and the picture of little you is adorable. Thanks for teaching children that art is not about shopping, it is about inventing and re-purposing. You are a gem!!

  17. You are SO awesome! What a fabulous thing you're doing! Kinda like art therapy!


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