Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mail in Mail out

WISH 204803...
...arrived Monday. Sometimes you just don't know what you wish for. So as they careful... Well, I say keep wishing! I just wanted one of those little "wish" tickets. I didn't know the number was so significant. I didn't know it meant so much. I didn't know Wish 204803 was attached to a huge bag of treasures.

Yes indeed, I like it!

We, that would be me and eb traded wishes.

If you haven't passed by her place, you must. A very imaginative artist. Click here on eb.

Here is another little bit of mail art going out today. I don't know if you can tell that
the envelope is made with some of my over painted papers. Remember those deli wraps that I use under the pages when prepping an altered book?
I never throw them away. I just alter them some more after making the envelope.

More later,


  1. Some bounty you got! Have fun creating with it :-)

  2. so THAT'S what that yummy paper is! - gotta get some of that -

    please tell Norah that the wishes feel like snow flakes in a blizzard... if you know what I mean... lots of them... going out - and coming in

    oh yes - this is FUN!

    and thank you so very much!

    xox - eb.

  3. hi sharon, just stopped by and noticed you're an artist too ;) great paper lay-outs here so i'll be back often and...thanks for joyning the summer blue diner. we had a wonderful time!!

  4. Dear Sharon - your most delightful postcard came today - putting a big smile on my funny face - it is amazing what you - and I mean - YOU - can do with a few scraps, a glue stick and a gloriously fertile imagination...

    Thank you so much -

    yes yes yes!!!

    xox - eb.

  5. Wow, you have been busy Sharon, I haven't visited for a few days as I've been so busy, it looks like you have too.
    I love your books in your previous posts.
    The deli wrap, is that like a plastic film or is it a type of grease proof paper? We have different names for some things over here.

  6. Breathtaking! My eyes are SO full of inspiration right now!!!

  7. you can see how the Wingkeeper is keeping me company - inspiring in ways that I don't understand... until a wise one sheds a little light into the fertile darkness

    xox - eb.


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