Thursday, December 27, 2007

Days of Christmas

On the Third Day of Christmas

I give to you.....

Circle makers

Here is a great alternative to using the lids of your paint bottles for circle making.

Go to your bathroom and gather all the little plastic lids from your hair products.

You should find several sizes.

I like the clear ones because I can see precisely where I want to stamp.

No clean up if you don't want.

But if you do, just wipe off the paint with that little piece of cheesecloth.
More later,



  1. Ok, I can do this. I think I'll get a big piece of paper and just start stamping all sorts of circles. Make myself some background paper and try the lids out at the same time.



  2. Nice gift, Sharon. When I'm out in the studio desperately searching for just the right size circle, I never think of going to the bathroom - or even the kitchen - to look for circle makers. You're a genius, I knew it!

  3. Sharon...I have used water bottle caps and they were not as good because of the ridges....never even thought of ALL THE HAIR PRODUCTS IN THE BATHROOM!!! With a hair sytlist for a sister, you can imagine the products I have. I am rich!!!!

    Midnight here, girl.......crazy 'late girl' checking ing


    xo Rella

  4. Dear Sharon - just went through all of your tutorials - what a wonderful gift - such generosity - thank you so much... and Happy New Year!

    xox - eb.


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