Saturday, December 29, 2007

Days of Christmas

On the Fifth Day of Christmas
I give to you......


left over paper

My mission today was to find (clean off) my big work table.

While on the mission, I found some really good stuff.

For example, I found this paper that I used under a messy project a long time ago.

I could not bring myself to throw it away at the time or today either.

I think I'm suppose to keep it and make really cool stuff with it.

Here is what I did with it.
This is not a tutorial for making envelopes.
I'm going to let you read the pictures.

There you have it a "what to do" with over painted paper.
Now I have five really cool envelopes ready to wing out of here Monday when I go back to work.

Do you know Sallyt ?
She is gifting 12 Days of Christmas too.
She has shown her method of decorating mail art envelopes at her new blog at Art Pub Studios.
More later,


  1. I like the randomness of the paint splatters....and such a good idea to use it for envelopes. Recently I made a few from magazine pages and I liked how they turned out. I always hate to throw out paper!

  2. OH, ENVELOPES! That's a great idea. Thanks.

    And thanks, Sharon, for the "plug" for my second blog home at Art Pub Studios. I posted today a gift of a different kind of paper - collage sheets. (Does that count for keeping up our ESP streak? LOL) I'd like your friends to get in on my gift, too - that is the reason for my linking them in this comment. See ya tomorrow, Sharon.

    Now, I'm gonna go use your leftover paper idea to make some envelopes. Yippee! . . . but first to the bathroom, if you know what I mean . . . of course, to get some circle makers!

  3. Lovely idea Sharon! I'm enjoying your 12 gifts of Christmas!

  4. What a great idea. I've been making my own envelopes for some time now but never thought of doing anything as interesting as this. Thanks for sharing.

    Cotton Picker (Inga)

  5. Wonderful!! (clapping hands)...I'm so glad you and Sally are doing a true 12 days of Christmas!


  6. You are the Queen of Art Envelopes, my dear!! these are awesome and a great use of paper you could not part with. How's the clearing of the table coming?? I never get too far when I begin that project myself, so I always wonder if anyone else does.

    xo Rella



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