Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Suze at Pink Crayon Studio said,
"Sharon, you make me smile."

Yes, she did say that and she even gave me an award back on December 1st. Which is so cool. I love awards. Norah's crazy about awards too. Sometimes, I think Norah'S my alter ego, whatever that is. I know she is my muse and alters ART sometimes for me, but we both are big in the ego department and we both love love awards.

But I don't like trophies, which reminds me......

Way back in September, Miss Laurence tagged me for 7 random things. I told her I would play the game and I don't know what happened because it's December already. She surely thinks I forgot. I didn't.

I think I'm suppose to put the rules here but I'm running out of time so maybe it's OK if I break them.

This is random.
(1) I break rules. One time we were flying out of DFW and we were on the shuttle and there was a button that said something like "don't push the button". Guess what happens if you push the button? OK, it was a very long time ago and I can't remember just exactly, but the whole shuttle system comes to a screeching halt and you have to wait for security to come and check things out and restart everything. We made our flight though. What's the dang button for anyway if you are not suppose to push it... I ask?

(2) I wonder where my 40 year old bowling trophy is? I wonder if Kevin ever wonders where his little trophies are. I don't know.

(3) I can tell you today, my neck feels much better but I'm not totally over the creeping crud that made its way to my chest. Thankfully, I'm not coughing much yet. I am feeling like playing ART. Can't wait to get home...3 more hours.

(4) I saw on this post a beautiful photograph of "... so enchanting... It is a nude of Joyce in the woods." Guess what it made me want to do? Yep, do you think my dear husband would take one of me in our woods? I didn't think so either but it doesn't hurt to think about it.

(5) I don't think I'm going to get the big surprise made to send to Arizona to my brother for Christmas. If I do, I will show you. If I do it will be after Christmas...probably

(6) My crazy little tall skinny Christmas tree has 6 legs. I thought text on my tree was so clever and original. Guess what? I saw a tree in Waco at this shop with words on it. But I can guarantee you that nobody has a tree like mine. As soon as I can find my tripod, I will get a pic of all six legs.

(7) You know what I heard one time that ideas are just floating around and if you get one and don't act on it, someone else will get it. I guess that is what happened with the text on the tree thing. I nearly blew it off this year. I'm sure glad I didn't. But it must have floated on over to Waco while I hesitated.

(8) Oh dear, I'm going over. (see #1 above) Oh well maybe this is not random, but do you ever do a
To Me From Me gift?

Look what I got. Not the tread mill. That is here at my office for my convenience. Ha ha! It is what is on the treadmill that I am excited about. But of course, I had to order more Ram, whatever that is, so I'm having to wait for that before I can play with it.

And do you know what it means for me to have one of these. Weeeeellllllll, it means I will start selling prints in my etsy shop soon. I hope.
So now I must go and do some work. I hope you enjoyed my randomness and that it made you smile.
More later,


  1. Hi Sharon, I will be showing my handcrafted gifts after Christmas. thanks for asking. I've never seen a tree with letters on it before - but once I read the words - I got it. it's a fun idea.

  2. Helllllooooo!!! Well, this tree is brilliant! I love that British term. :)
    and your post absolutely made me smile. Quite fun.

    Yesterday I got the gorgeous wee angels. How I love them, Sharon. Such pieces of beauty. You should know it's hard for me to give the one up that is a gift...sort of. I am giving her (Joy) to a friend who will love it as much as I do and isn't that what Christmas and friendship is all about?! 'Into my hear' is already on my 'Sparkle Tree' that is lit up in my nest 24/7/365.
    xo Rella

  3. Hi Sharon,

    You make me smile each time I read your blog. The creativity and humor are always inspiring. Have a wonderful holiday.



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