Sunday, December 30, 2007

Days of Christmas

On the Seventh Day of Christmas
I give to you......

A stamping tip

I realize this is very elementary.

But then my stamping is very elementary.
While cleaning up the big table, I ran across a big bag with four sets of foam alphabet stamps,
plus three bags of words.
A bargain found at Big Lots for $2.00 a set.

Even though I couldn't pass them up,

I hadn't used them because they were still in the bag...lost on the table.

When I used some on my mail art envelopes, the foam corner stamped around the letter.


I sat right down and cut off all the extra foam that might stamp where I don't want it to.


I know this is going to sound silly but I felt so powerful doing this.

I felt like I was overcoming some huge need

for things to be matching and exact

and lined up in perfect rows and stacks and all that.

But get this.......
After I finished trimming all the edges, I tossed them all together in one big jumbled pile.

So there is my therapy....I mean TIP for the day.

Go ahead and cut off all that extra foam that stamps where you don't want it to.

It was there for their (manufacturer's) purpose...not ours.

More later,


  1. gosh, these look so divinely perfect!
    How do you stamp with them? Just hold them in your fingers or do you double sided tape stick them to wood or something to stamp them out??

    Just blogging around today..already noon and the only thing I have accomplished is having coffee and uploading one photo to flickr. One and a half days left of Bliss.

    xo Rella


  2. Great tip Sharon! Another one if I may add is to put the stamp pad on top of the letter instead of pressing the letters onto the stamp pad. This will also eliminate the extra ink problem, if you have a bazillion foam stamps like I do (and mine are stored just like yours-all wack-a-do in a box)
    Happy New Artful Year!
    suze :)

  3. What a simple tip but such a good idea. I always have trouble going against the rules! Maybe this would be a good place for me to start.

  4. Funny, but I get exactly what you mean, about having things all neat and in order! Sometimes it IS so freeing, makes you feel like a rebel!
    Happy New Year!
    Sandra Evertsdon

  5. I love foam stamps and don't have any at all! I must ring my sister and ask her to hunt down some at our odd lot stores in NJ! Great tips and I am reading them slowly and taking lots of notes! Happy New Year and congrats on being published! I knew you could do it and I just became a subscriber to CPS last issue!

  6. I did that with my foam letters and words, also. It was a great help for storage and use. I also used a sharpie marker and wrote on the back of them what they were, because some letters like d, b, p, q, and the like are difficult to identify when they are backwards, upside down or script. I wrote a word starting with the letter on the back, like: delta, bravo, piano, quick. It was a great help.


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