Sunday, December 09, 2007

I'm quiet

That pain-in-the-neck thing
along with some dreadful little
creepy crawly bug that jumped
down my throat
has put me out of commission
for a bit.
Just not feeling up to it.
Since I didn't get to go to the
Georgetown event,
I am listing my angel
ornaments today.
I know I haven't been a very good
etsy store keeper.
It's just that time thing.
I keep learning that I don't have enough....time...
More later,


  1. Oh Sweet Pea, I thought you might be under the weather. I am so sorry and sending thoughts of health and comfort. And a hug. and a cup of mint tea perhaps. With honey for the throat.

    I drove quickly to your shoppe and wrapped my arms around a sweet angel. My intention is to gift it, but there is such a strong possibility that the gifted one will be MEEEEEEEEEEE.
    xoxox Rella

  2. Sharon, hope you are soon feeling better.

  3. May you feel much better really soon dear Sharon! Hugs,

  4. I hope you are feeling better soon!!

    I am soooo in love with your angels, they are oh so dreamy gorgeous~

    off to go check out your etsy store~

    xo ~Izabella

  5. Ah Sharon if only we could make time like we make art.
    Hope you're feeling better.

  6. feel beter my dear...sending warm hugs to you this day...hugs, r

  7. this is ssoo sweet and beautiful sharon, delightful!!!


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